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Jennifer Lopez Performs Tribute to Selena

Did you see Jennifer Lopez perform the musical tribute to Selena at the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards?? Did you like? Love?? Was it what you were waiting for?? We want to know your thoughts!

Jennifer Lopez Performing Tribute to Selena at Premios Billboard

More Premios Billboard news!! In a touching memorial to the Queen of Tejano music, international superstar Jennifer Lopez will perform a musical tribute to Selena at the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Many believe that JLo, in many ways, owes a big part of her career to Selena – so this tribute only makes sense. […]

Selena Quintanilla 20 Years Later

20 years ago we lost Selena Quintanilla – taken from us way too soon – and it’s incredible how much she still impacts pop culture today. Today, we simply remember her, her smile, her energy, and continue to imagine all of the epic things she would have accomplished were she still alive today.

Selena Quintanilla Special This Sunday on Telemundo

It’s about to be 20 years since the death of Selena Quintanilla! 20!! Telemundo presents the special program “Siempre Selena,” dedicated to the singer twenty years after her death, this Sunday, March 29 at 6PM/5C. As a tribute to her memory Telemundo has prepared a special show featuring exclusive footage from the singer’s career, including […]

Selena Quintanilla Hologram Held Up Over Cost

With the Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson holograms already part of history, many want to know when the first Latin hologram will happen. There’s long been talk about a Selena Quintanilla hologram – Abraham Quintanilla has been looking into it but it seems like we are still far from seeing it become a reality. Why?? […]