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Selena Quintanilla Hologram Held Up Over Cost

With the Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson holograms already part of history, many want to know when the first Latin hologram will happen. There’s long been talk about a Selena Quintanilla hologram – Abraham Quintanilla has been looking into it but it seems like we are still far from seeing it become a reality. Why?? […]

Celebs Who Have Played Real Life People

Since everyone is once again talking about the Jenni Rivera biopic, we’ve decided to take a look back at the most memorable performances by actors playing real life people. CLICK HERE to see! Oh, and if we missed one that you know about – then let us know in the comments!

Jennifer Lopez Channels Selena in Dallas

Jennifer Lopez channels Selena Quintanilla again! No, there is not a sequel or prequel to the movie. She treated her Dallas fans to a special moment by singing No Me Queda Mas! What a surprise!!! CLICK HERE to watch!

Selena Quintanilla Supposed Doctor Lover Talks

Seventeen years later and we’re still talking about her! Selena Quintanilla has been linked romantically to cosmetic surgeon Ricardo Martínez…and now he is speaking out with his version of the truth. He says that that he and Selena certainly did have a romantic relationship and always kept it a secret to honor her name and […]

Samo Performs With Selena at Premios Billboard is at the rehearsals of the Billboard Awards and this we had to share. Samo, of Camila, is singing Amor Prohibido ‘with’ Selena Quintanilla. He’ll be joined by the late artist on screen (check her out in the background) so it’ll be a great moment for all of her fans to somewhat get to […]