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Sebastian Rulli and Mark Tacher Working Together After Being Enemies

Sebastian Rulli and Mark Tacher are working together. This is news because they were enemies not too long ago. Here’s the story…Sebastian used to date Cecilia Galliano – then Mark did. At the time Mark said this about Sebastian, “No sería yo capaz de actuar junto al señor. No, yo no trabajaría nunca con el […]

Sebastian Rulli Gets New Short Do Thanks to Fans

Sebastian Rulli has got a new look! After getting his social media followers involved, the actor decided on this cut and style. He had been sporting the long long hair for a while – so this is most definitely a change for him. Do you like??

Tres Veces Ana Gets Two Hour Showings on Premiere Week

Univision is really pushing for a hit with their latest novela premiere. “Tres Veces Ana”, starring Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli, will debut on Monday night and the network is clearing the path to make sure people tune in. They are putting “Yago” on hold for a week and it will return on May 30th […]

Angelique Boyer Playing Triplets in Lucero Novela Remake

Lots of news to cover here. First, Angelique Boyer is acting opposite boyfriend Sebastian Rulli yet again – this time in the telenovela “Frente Al Mismo Rostro”. Second, David Zepeda is also one of the leads of the novela. Third, Angelique says that this will be the last time she works with Sebastian because she […]

Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer Argue While Shopping

Trouble in paradise? “TV Notas” reports that Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli had a very public argument recently – all while shopping. The couple apparently hit up a high-end store in Mexico City and were trying on clothes. Suddenly, Angelique got upset and stormed out of the store heading straight to the valet and asking […]