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Satcha Pretto is Pregnant

Satcha Pretto is pregnant! The “Despierta America” news anchor revealed the news on the morning show on Monday. Her husband and her son were there to make the announcement with her. She is 14 weeks along. Congrats!!

Satcha Pretto Gives Birth to Bruce Aaron Butler

So so cute! Satcha Pretto gave birth to a healthy baby boy! The “Despierta America” anchor and her husband welcomed Bruce Aaron Butler into their lives on Saturday. Satcha says they both now know the meaning of true love. Welcome to this crazy world, Bruce!

Satcha Pretto Shares Adorable Pregnancy Photo

Satcha Pretto couldn’t look more beautiful these days. Just look at this photo she took with her husband Aaron. She said it’s one of her favorite baby-bump photos and we can totally see why. They look amazing!

Satcha Pretto Having a Baby Boy

A quick update on Satcha Pretto and her baby. She revealed the sex of her child that’s to come. The “Despierta America” news anchor is expecting a boy. How exciting!

Satcha Pretto is Pregnant

Satcha Pretto is pregnant!! She announced it on “Despierta America” on Tuesday morning. This will be the first child for the news anchor and her husband Aaron Butler. Happy happy news!!