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Sandra Echeverria Records Regional Mexicano Album

Sandra Echeverria is ready to reunite with her first love, music. Although she has done a lot of acting, her passion for singing has never left and we must say, good! She has a great voice! The producer of the album, Edgar Rodriguez, said this is something she’s been wanting to do for a long […]

Sandra Echeverria Skinny Pic Has Followers Worried

Sandra Echeverria has some of her fans worried…and it’s all over an Instagram post. She published a pic on Sunday to show her cute outfit for the day – but her followers focused on something else. Her IG page has been flooded with harsh and heartfelt messages about her weight. Some criticizing her for looking […]

Sandra Echeverria Baby Boy Officially Presented to the World

Is this the cutest skeleton you’ve ever seen or what?? Presenting Andres de Lozanne, Sandra Echeverria‘s son! The father of the boy published the photo on Twitter because ‘the fans asked for it’. Sandra had only revealed a pic of Andres’ feet so we sure hope he got permission to show the rest!!

Sandra Echeverria Back to Castings Days After Becoming Mom

Mama’s gotta get back to work! Sandra Echeverria became a mom just a couple of weeks ago – and she is over the moon with her son Andres. However, that doesn’t mean she can just take off work and let the bills pay themselves! The actress took this quick photo letting her fans know that […]

Sandra Echeverria Shows Off Baby’s Legs and Feet

Showing off a little something! Sandra Echeverria gave birth a few days ago and here she is already giving us a small glimpse of her little one. Sure, it’s just the legs and feet – but something is something. We want to see all of him, Sandra! Share!! Oh, by the way, baby is called […]