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Salma Hayek Offers Donald Trump Copy of US History for Dummies

Salma Hayek is once again going on the attack against Donald Trump and we are loving it. She was chatting up with James Corden on “The Late Late Show” and she offered the GOP presidential nominee a book: “U.S. History for Dummies”. “Mr. Trump, I recommend to you to read this book,” Hayek said. “I […]

Salma Hayek Shares Rare Personal Photo

Salma Hayek is no stranger to social media…but she is very strategic in not showing too much of her personal life. That’s why this pic with her man, François-Henri Pinault, is a surprise. Not only is it a candid moment between the two showing affection, it also gives us a glimpse into one of her […]

Joan Sebastian Wrote a Song Inspired by Salma Hayek

Jose Manuel Figueroa revealed something that surprised us all! On “Despierta America”, he said his father, Joan Sebastian, wrote a song for Salma Hayek! He admired her beauty and was so inspired by the actress that he wrote “Eso y Más” which turned out to be a big success for the singer-songwriter. Jose Manuel said: […]

Donald Trump Bid $120,000 to Hang With Salma Hayek

Donald Trump most certainly has a thing against Mexicans…but not Salma Hayek apparently! In 2008, presidential hopeful Donald Trump paid $120,000 of the charitable Donald J. Trump Foundation’s money for a private tour of one of Paris’ finest vineyards and a meal Salma. However, Trump staffers confirmed the tour never happened. His foundation never filed […]

Salma Hayek Talks About Having Body Insecurities

Salma Hayek, as glamorous as she is, battles with the same insecurities as many others do. In an interview with “InStyle UK”, the mother-of-one spoke straightforwardly about her confidence with body image and how it’s ‘up and down all the time.’ ‘Well I am entering my fifties, so your body confidence isn’t that good,’ admitted […]