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Salma Hayek Supports Breastfeeding on Social Media

Salma Hayek has taken a stand for breastfeeding! She has taken to social media to publish a photo carrying her daughter Valentina some years ago and let everyone know: “When I was shooting 30 Rock I was still breastfeeding Valentina. I did it until she was 14 months old. The benefits of breastfeeding are invaluable […]

Salma Hayek Wins Fake Oscar

Salma Hayek got an Oscar. No, not a real one. The actress visited Dubai for a philanthropic event and she bumped into some fans. They had a fake Oscar award ready and handed it to her upon seeing her. Salma was most definitely surprised by this and appreciated the gesture, saying: “I was nominated for […]

Salma Hayek Thanks Fans For Support After Dog’s Murder

There is nothing left for Salma Hayek to do regarding her dog’s death. She was furious over Mozart’s murder – her neighbor shot the dog – but cops say it’s a closed case since the animal made its way onto someone else’s property. So, Salma is simply thanking her fans now for the show of […]

Salma Hayek Rushed to Hospital in Inappropriate Shirt

Salma Hayek had to be rushed to the hospital…but the story is less serious and more funny. She had a head injury on the set of a new movie she is shooting and off to the doctors she went. Unfortunately for her – but fortunately for the rest of us – she was wearing this […]

Salma Hayek First Televisa Audition Revealed

Salma Hayek has a top-notch acting career – but everything has a beginning and now we get to see hers. “Despierta America” exclusively showed Salma’s first ever audition with Televisa. In the vid, the actress is 20 years old and she says she has no experience. It is a MUST SEE!