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Salma Hayek Steals Spotlight at British Fashion Awards

Salma Hayek attended the British Fashion Awards and we’ll give you two good guesses as to why she stole the show on the red carpet. Awards? What awards?

Salma Hayek Dedicates Day of Dead Altar to Pets

Salma Hayek got into Day of the Dead – but for her animals. She made a special altar for her horses Pepe and Blosie – their ashes are in the wooden boxes. Her dogs Gucci and Mozart are in the little wooden and tin box as well. Who says DOTD can’t be for pets?

Salma Hayek Gives Donald Trump The Middle Cactus

Salma Hayek has a very clear and direct message for Donald Trump. She just posted this on Instagram. She trumped Trump!

Salma Hayek Bumps Into Mexican Celeb Friends While Dining Out

Let’s take a pic for Instagram. Those must have been the words that Salma Hayek and Jaime Camil said when they bumped into each other at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Funny enough, they weren’t the only Mexican celebs dining there at that moment. Salma then took a pic with the crew of OV7. We […]

Salma Hayek Debuts Short Bangs

Salma Hayek has got a new look. The Mexican star is sporting really short bangs – but it’s all for a movie. The fans have responded in a positive way, saying she looks great with any hairstyle. What do you think?? Is it a look she should keep after the movie is done?