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Salma Hayek Talks About Having Body Insecurities

Salma Hayek, as glamorous as she is, battles with the same insecurities as many others do. In an interview with “InStyle UK”, the mother-of-one spoke straightforwardly about her confidence with body image and how it’s ‘up and down all the time.’ ‘Well I am entering my fifties, so your body confidence isn’t that good,’ admitted […]

Salma Hayek Fakes Affair to Rescue Puppy

Salma Hayek went on the Graham Norton Show and hilariously revealed a moment when she faked an affair on her husband, François-Henri Pinault, in order to save a puppy. At the time, the couple was already parents to 30 other animals. She was so “terrified” to tell her husband about that she was bringing another […]

Salma Hayek, Diego Luna, and Gael García Bernal Party in Cannes

We love this photo! Salma Hayek, Diego Luna, and Gael García Bernal partied it up at some fancy event in Cannes. The actors couldn’t help but take a pic together to celebrate being Mexican and damn proud of it. #OrgulloLatino

Salma Hayek Calls Out Donald Trump For 9/11 Mixup With Epic Tweet

This is all sorts of amazing. On Monday, presidential hopeful Donald Trump somehow managed to confuse 9/11 with the convenience store 7-Eleven. As implausible as that sounds, it’s true. Salma Hayek couldn’t believe it herself and called him out publicly on Twitter! She wrote: “I am a dyslexic Mexican and English is my second language, […]

Salma Hayek Stars in Justin Bieber Written Novela

Salma Hayek can now say she did a novela written by Justin Bieber. James Corden invited the Mexican actress to act alongside Ray Romano and Gary Oldman in a cheesy and hysterical production with the script being lyrics from Justin’s songs. It is quite epic! CHECK IT OUT!!