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Salma Hayek Named Most Elegant Mexican

Salma Hayek is it! “Hola” magazine just named her the most elegant Mexican woman. What does that even mean? Whatever, she got a cover out of it. Money does not equal elegance, but it’s definitely more attainable when you have access to a billion dollar fortune.

Salma Hayek Pops in Pink at Cannes

Salma Hayek doesn’t need much to stand out. However, she did get some help from hot pink. Salma popped on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival while everyone else around her was in black.

Salma Hayek Talks Beauty Secrets on Photoshopped Cover of New Beauty

Salma Hayek is on the cover of “New Beauty” magazine – but that’s not the story here. The interview in the mag mostly discusses her beauty secrets and how she has never done anything to her face – not even a peeling. Well, that didn’t stop the publication from photoshopping the hell out of her, […]

Salma Hayek Moving From Paris to London

Salma Hayek is moving – moving on up to London! The Mexican actress is packing up her things in Paris and heading over to the UK. The “Daily Mail” reports that she is planning on residing in London to avoid paying extremely high taxes in Paris – even though her husband is one of the […]

Penelope Cruz Confused For Salma Hayek at the Oscars

Does the Academy know our people?? On the official Instagram for the Oscars, they labeled the pic of Penelope Cruz with the name ‘Hayek’ referring to Salma Hayek! Obviously they confused the Spanish actress for the Mexican one. They are both major stars – Salma being nominated for an Oscar in 2002 and Penelope having […]