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Sabrina Sabrok Gets Her Boobs Enlarged Again

Another surgery! A few days ago Sabrina Sabrok underwent plastic surgery to augment her breasts again. The Argentine model and singer was planning on getting a reduction, however, she decided to go in for bigger boobs. This before she goes back in to reduce her breasts this year, which supposedly is the size she will […]

Sabrina Sabrok Gets an Exorcism Done PICS

Some would say she was possessed by a demon…and they may have been right! After having an anxiety attack that sent her to the hospital, Sabrina Sabrok decided to get an exorcism done. We’re serious. We even have the pics of the ritual. CLICK HERE to see how the big-boobed Sabrina got the devil outta […]

Sabrina Sabrok Debuts Smaller Boobs

It’s Sabrina Sabrok…well, less of her! The big-boobed model has reduced her breast size and premiered her new, smaller, look on Telemundo’s “Suelta La Sopa”. She actually removed about ten pounds from each tata! They still look huge! Sabrina is still swollen and wearing bandages, so she will actually be smaller than this.

Sabrina Sabrok Reveals Masterpiece Video and Song Welcome To The Human Race

It’s our lucky day! Sabrina Sabrok has released her new music video and the song is titled “Welcome To The Human Race” – yay! The press release that was sent out mentioned that she uses the same special effects that can be found in the movie “Iron Man”, “Transformers”, and “Avengers”. Um, no. If by […]

Sabrina Sabrok Going Back to Brown Eyes

Back to brown! Sabrina Sabrok underwent a procedure to change her eye color from brown to blue…and now she is reversing the process! She says that she likes the way she looks with her natural color and that she couldn’t get used to seeing herself as blue-eyed. We’re no experts, but it probably isn’t the […]