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Sabrina Sabrok Discriminated at Restaurant For Having Tattoos

Sabrina Sabrok says she was discriminated against at a restaurant…for having tattoos. The adult-content star says she went eat at a buffet in Ciudad Juarez and was denied entry because she has tats. Sabrina explains that she had already been to the restaurant before and nothing went wrong, so she was confused as to why […]

Sabrina Sabrok Wanted by Her Manager So She Can Pay Up

Sabrina Sabrok’s former manager was looking for the big breasted star – over money!! Rodrigo Fragoso, has taken the host and porn star to court over payment that she apparently owes him. He claims Sabrina fired him but still owed about 8000 dollars and she disappeared. So, he did the only sensible thing to do […]

Sabrina Sabrok Invites Media to Plastic Surgery

Sabrina Sabrok is getting more plastic surgery. Surprise! The big-chested vixen isn’t just going under the knife again…she’s inviting the media to watch! However, this has nothing to do with her boobs. She is getting blepharoplasty done. It’s eyelid surgery. Her reps have reached out to the press so that she has an audience during […]

Niurka Marcos and Sabrina Sabrok Insult Each Other on Twitter

Niurka Marcos and Sabrina Sabrok have unleashed on each other on social media. The digital war, full of profanities, has become a Twitter match as they both go on the attack in public view of their followers. You GOTTA READ what they have said!

Sabrina Sabrok Taking DJ Skills Beyond Mexico

Told you!! We said Sabrina Sabrok is going to start DJing and even mentioned that she has several performances lined up in Mexico. Well, we were right…however we have to add to that. Her people got in touch with LatinGossip and say Sabrina will also take her music skills to Europe and the Middle East!! […]