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Roselyn Sanchez is Pregnant

Roselyn Sanchez will soon be the mother of two. The actress announced that she is expecting and the way she did it was adorable. She posted a photo of her daughter, Sebella Rose, saying she was going to become a big sister. No word on when the baby will arrive, but we wish her a […]

Carlos Ponce and Roselyn Sanchez Hacked For Porn Links

If you follow Carlos Ponce or Roselyn Sanchez on Twitter…you’d have to thank them for the porn. Both of their accounts were hacked over the weekend and links to explicit sexual material were published via tweets. Fans were surprised to see that the actors were pushing out XXX content – but, of course, immediately understood […]

Roselyn Sanchez Best Dressed at Latin Grammys

Our favorite of the night! The best dressed of this year’s Latim Grammys is Roselyn Sanchez. The red dress had the right angle cut and a scarf that looped around her neck and down the side. Simple without being boring.

Roselyn Sanchez Organizes Event to Help Dogs

Roselyn Sanchez is always up for helping others. This time her attention goes to man’s best friend. She is hosting a televised event called “Patitas por Una Causa” – and the mission is to help dogs in Puerto Rico. The actress is using this project to find homes for dogs that need rescuing and to […]

Roselyn Sanchez Defends Cohost Steve Harvey After Miss Universe Debacle

Roselyn Sanchez was the cohost of Miss Universe so you know we had to know what she thought about the whole winner debacle! She posted a message on Instagram, defending her coworker Steve Harvey. She said: