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Carlos Calderon and Jomari Goyso Join Sal y Pimienta

TWO will replace Rodner Figueroa! Carlos Calderon and Jomari Goyso will be the new hosts of “Sal y Pimienta”. Both will join Lourdes Stephen on the Sunday night show-business headlines show. They will help present the show starting officially this Sunday, April 5th. Do you likey??

Rodner Figueroa Believes He Was Fired For Trying to Unionize Univision

The battle between Univision and Rodner Figueroa is not over! TMZ has obtained a letter sent by Rodner’s lawyer to Univision in which they claim the TV host was actually fired because he was standing up for Latinos and fighting to get them unionized. He says the network cooked up a phony excuse, claiming it […]

Rodner Figueroa Firing Backed by Journalist Organization

Another organization against Rodner Figueroa. The ‘Asociación Nacional de Periodistas Hispanos’ backs Univision’s decision in firing the TV host after comparing Michelle Obama to an ape. The president of the NAHJ said that the network made the correct decision and was courageous in taking the step in getting rid of Rodner. He also says that […]

Rodner Figueroa Dropped by Even More Brands

When it rains, it pours – and right now it’s a typhoon for Rodner Figueroa. The TV host was fired by Univision and dropped by Colgate – and now other names are also distancing themselves from him. As you know, Rodner’s life and career was turned upside down after comparing Michelle Obama to an ape […]

Jomari Goyso Replaces Rodner Figueroa on Sal y Pimienta For Now

Out with Rodner Figueroa and in with…Jomari Goyso? Rodner was Univision’s in-house fashionista for many years and when fashion and style expert Jomari Goyso joined the network it seemed to be redundant – yet there proved to be enough space for the both of them. However, now that Rodner is gone many wonder who will […]