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Roberto Tapia Security Puts Telemundo Reporter in Chokehold

Roberto Tapia‘s team physically assaulted a Telemundo reporter. The singer is being accused of sexually abusing a minor – and it appears that he is wanting to avoid talking to anyone at any cost. At a concert, reporter Jorge Miramontes was aggravated by a member of Roberto’s security when he went to ask the singer […]

Roberto Tapia Has Clear Conscious Over Sexual Abuse Claims

Roberto Tapia has spoken out about the accusations that he sexually abused a minor. He says his conscious is clear of any wrongdoing. He also mentioned “Algo que quiero recalcar, no soy la persona que dice que soy; siempre he sido muy transparente, muy honesto y con la frente en alto siempre.” Roberto explains that […]

Roberto Tapia Incriminating Photos Taken by Minor

The minor who claims to have had sexual encounters with Roberto Tapia has pictures to prove her side of the story. The 16-year-old showed the police pics of her with Roberto of when she was 15 years old – and we have one to show you. The face of the minor has been blurred to […]

Roberto Tapia Song Lyrics Talks of Loving a Young Girl

Roberto Tapia is being accused of sexually abusing a minor…and the lyrics to two of his songs aren’t helping his case. Take, for example, the words to “Vale La Pena”. The track goes: “No sé cuántos años tengas, Y ni quisiera saberlo, Vale la pena un problema, Por una mujer, así como tú, Así así, […]

Roberto Tapia Accused of Sexually Abusing a Minor

Roberto Tapia is being accused of sexually abusing a minor. A 16-year-old girl has talked to police in Baja California claiming that she has had sexual encounters with Roberto. She even provided photos as proof. Apparently, she was 15 when the first sexual relations occurred – in the backseat of a car when he told […]