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Roberto Tapia Insults Juanes For Him Not Liking His Pablo Escobar Instagram Video

Roberto Tapia doesn’t care what Juanes has to say. The Mexican singer traveled to Medellin, Colombia and upset some fans by posting a video of a Pablo Escobar impersonator. One of those that isn’t cool with the vid is Juanes. The Colombian singer was asked what he thought about the Instagram clip and he basically […]

Roberto Tapia Upsets Colombian Fans Posting Pablo Escobar Impersonator

Roberto Tapia has ruffled feathers with a Pablo Escobar impersonator. The singer visited Medellin, Colombia and the first things he posted on social media from his trip was a video of a Pablo Escobar impersonator. His Colombian fans are disappointed that he would point this out prominently as if the city and country had nothing […]

Roberto Tapia Escapes Kidnap Attempt

Roberto Tapia, but according to some, just barely. According to multiple sources, the singer escaped from a kidnap attempt after a presentation in Michoacan. His manager didn’t give a lot of information and simply posted, “Gracias a Dios estamos vivos, acabamos de sufrir un atentado en Michoacán.” Just hours before, Roberto had posted a photo […]

Roberto Tapia Security Puts Telemundo Reporter in Chokehold

Roberto Tapia‘s team physically assaulted a Telemundo reporter. The singer is being accused of sexually abusing a minor – and it appears that he is wanting to avoid talking to anyone at any cost. At a concert, reporter Jorge Miramontes was aggravated by a member of Roberto’s security when he went to ask the singer […]

Roberto Tapia Has Clear Conscious Over Sexual Abuse Claims

Roberto Tapia has spoken out about the accusations that he sexually abused a minor. He says his conscious is clear of any wrongdoing. He also mentioned “Algo que quiero recalcar, no soy la persona que dice que soy; siempre he sido muy transparente, muy honesto y con la frente en alto siempre.” Roberto explains that […]