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Los Cardenales de Sinaloa Accordionist Murdered

Marcos Felix Bojorquez, accordionist of Los Cardenales de Sinaloa, was murdered. The Regional Mexican group had performed at a concert and when they were on the road later that night they were stopped by armed men. Reports indicate that the musicians were forced out of the vehicle – however, they were later allowed to leave…everyone […]

Olga Tañon Father Passed Away

Olga Tañon‘s father has passed away. The Puerto Rican star shared the sad news on social media with this photo and the following message:

Enrique Gratas RIP

So terribly sad. Enrique Gratas has passed away. Just a few weeks ago he called in a thank you message to his fans and the media for all of the prayers sent his way. Sadly, on Thursday he succumbed to the illness he was battling. Our condolences to his family.

Sandro Body Exhumed For DNA Testing

Sandro‘s body has been at rest for five years since his death – but he was just recently interrupted. On Monday, his body was exhumed for DNA testing. A woman has been claiming since 2006, four years before the singer’s passing, that he was her father. She wants to be legally recognized as his daughter […]

Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s Father and Brother Murdered

Alejandro Gomez Monteverde‘s father and brother were murdered. The Mexican director is in mourning over the deaths of his father and brother – who were originally classified as missing. It was later discovered that they were kidnapped and held for ransom. Alejandro’s family paid to have them released but it made no difference. Juan Manuel […]