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Enrique Gratas Son Killed in Car Crash

This is so terrible. Enrique Gratas‘ son, Pablo Gratas, has died. This just three months after Enrique himself passed away. Pablo was killed when he crashed in his car in Sylmar, California. Like his father, Pablo was a journalist and was most recently a producer at a local Telemundo affiliate. Our condolences to his family.

Actor Carlos Muñoz Dead

Actor Carlos Muñoz has passed away. He died in Bogota after his health started fading following surgery on December 31. The Colombian actor was hospitalized since the end of November with a hernia in his stomach and he underwent several procedures, ultimately his body couldn’t take the complications. President Juan Manuel Santos published a tweet […]

Arnold Peralta Honduran Soccer Player Murdered

Honduran soccer player Arnold Peralta has been shot dead in his hometown. He was killed in the parking lot of a shopping centre in La Ceiba, on the country’s Caribbean coast. It’s being reported that a man on a motorcycle approached Arnold as he was making his way to his car – shot him point […]

Karem Escobar Killed in Car Accident

Actress Karem Escobar was killed in a car accident. Colombian media report that she was in a vehicle with six other people and somehow it lost control, crashed, and flipped over. While the other passengers were injured and hospitalized, she was the only fatality. Karem starred in the show “Mujeres al Limite” and we hear […]

Chino’s Father Passes Away

Very sad news to share. Jesus ‘Chino’ Miranda of Chino y Nacho has lost his father to health complications. The singer, who lives in Miami, had been staying in Venezuela for the last several weeks by his father’s side. We received a statement from his publicist informing us of the unfortunate update. CLICK HERE to […]