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Ruben Aguirre Passed Away

Ruben Aguirre, better known as Profesor Jirafales, has passed away. His health had been in a decline, especially in recent weeks, and his body just couldn’t take it anymore. His long battle with diabetes had finally rendered him immobile. He couldn’t even move from one side of the bed to the other and stopped talking. […]

Elin Ortiz Passed Away

Elin Ortiz has passed away. This after a nine year battle with Alzheimer disease. His wife, Charytin, shared the following words on social media: Mi adorado esposo Elin Ortiz…mi compañero de vida por varias décadas, quien me dio tanto y tanto amor y protección partió al cielo! Estoy en una profunda tristeza al igual que […]

Luis Salom Laid to Rest With Mother’s Hair

Luis Salom was laid to rest in Spain and the details of his funeral have brought tears to our eyes. The 24-year-old Grand Prix motorcycle racer from Spain was climbing up the ranks in race victories, sadly he succumbed to his injuries after a practice accident which sent him and his bike crashing into a […]

Miss Puerto Rico 2004 Alba Reyes Mother Was Murdered

Beauty queen Alba Reyes‘ mother was murdered. The Miss Puerto Rico 2004 is in mourning over the senseless death of her mom – shot in a drive-by while she was watching television in her own home. The house was riddled with bullets and sadly two made impact on Alba’s mother’s head and chest. Reports coming […]

Adan Aguilar Murdered in Mexico City

Adan Aguilar was murdered in Mexico City. Another death in the entertainment world. According to reports, the TV Azteca actor was stabbed in an apparent robbery in the streets of Doctores de Ciudad in Mexico City. He died of the injuries of the attack. Our condolences to his family. RIP.