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Rogelio Guerra Friends Mourn His Death

Rogelio Guerra was a beloved actor and friend. It is no surprise that many fellow actors mourn his death. Veronica Castro shared credits with him in one of the most popular novelas ever made, Los Ricos Tambien Lloran. She shared a video of him saying, “Te AMAMOS” and added, “Un gran compañero. Siempre lo llevare […]

Rogelio Guerra Died

Rogelio Guerra passed away at the age of 81. The leading actor had suffered from health complications in recent years, but his official cause of death hasn’t been revealed. May he rest in peace.

Hirmomi’s Widower Gets Memorial Tattoo

Fernando Santana, Hiromi‘s widower, got a tattoo to have his wife and daughter with him forever. He said that although he’d never thought of getting a tattoo, one day he started to doodle and came up with a sketch that intertwined his and their initials and decided to go for it. The singer had originally […]

Youtuber Nana Pelucas Murdered

Youtuber Pamela Montenegro del Real, AKA Nana Pelucas, has been murdered. She was gunned down by two men Monday evening in Acapulco. According to local press, Montenegro was shot at her own restaurant, Todos los Santos, in the Costa Azul area of Acapulco. Montenegro had a channel on YouTube, called El Sillón TV, on which […]

El Loco Valdes Sister Dies

Manuel “El Loco” Valdes got some sad news. His sister, Guadalupe “La Nena” Valdes, passed away. She had just turned 100 years old. Manuel was recently hospitalized and is doing much better. His sister and him were able to speak before she died about his better state of health and she said it made her […]