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Lucero Remembers Jano Fuentes

Lucero shared a pic of Jano Fuentes and some words after learning of his death. The “La Voz Mexico” contestant, and Team Lucero member, was murdered in Chicago. She posted this photo of the two of them and said: “Gracias por los momentos y los recuerdos compartidos mi Jano querido Jano Fuentes. Vas a hacer […]

Jano Fuentes of La Voz Mexico Has Died

Jano Fuentes passed away. The “La Voz Mexico” contestant was shot and killed in Chicago during an armed attempted robbery. He was leaving a celebration for his birthday and was approached by a man who demanded he get out of his car. When Jano refused, the man opened fire, shooting him in the head multiple […]

La Chilindrina Will Not Attend Profesor Jirafales funeral

Maria Antonieta de las Nieves at first did not believe that Ruben Aguirre had passed away. She told “Radio Formula” that social media always got their deaths wrong, so at first she was skeptical – but when it was confirmed she was deeply saddened. She said she won’t make the funeral because she is on […]

Ruben Aguirre Passed Away

Ruben Aguirre, better known as Profesor Jirafales, has passed away. His health had been in a decline, especially in recent weeks, and his body just couldn’t take it anymore. His long battle with diabetes had finally rendered him immobile. He couldn’t even move from one side of the bed to the other and stopped talking. […]

Elin Ortiz Passed Away

Elin Ortiz has passed away. This after a nine year battle with Alzheimer disease. His wife, Charytin, shared the following words on social media: Mi adorado esposo Elin Ortiz…mi compañero de vida por varias décadas, quien me dio tanto y tanto amor y protección partió al cielo! Estoy en una profunda tristeza al igual que […]