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Ariel Camacho Remembered by DEL Records

DEL Records, the record label that housed Ariel Camacho, has sent out a press release and statement about the singer’s unexpected death. CLICK HERE to read it.

Gerardo Reyes Died

We have another death to report today. Gerardo Reyes, one of the biggest exponents of rancheras, has died at the age of 79. His son Gerardo Jr. said he had been suffering from liver cancer. May he rest in peace.

Ariel Camacho Dead From Car Crash

Ariel Camacho has passed away. We are receiving reports that the rising star died in a car crash in Angostura, Mexico. It’s being said that the vehicle where he traveled was going at a high speed. Two others died in the accident and two were injured. At this time, many stars in the Regional Mexican […]

Lorena Rojas Honored on People En Español Cover

Lorena Rojas on the cover of “People En Español” again but this time as a goodbye. As you know, she passed away last week in Miami due to breast cancer. The magazine shared their best memories with the actress and gives the details of her last hours on this earth. We’re still so saddened by […]

Lorena Rojas Sister Releases First Statement Since Actress Death

Sad sad sad. Lorena Rojas‘ sister, Mayra Rojas, has released her first statement since the death of the novela actress. She said: “Amadas lobas, en nombre de mi hermana Lorena Rojas y mío agradezco su profundo amor. Es difícil para mí este momento, perdónenme, las amo.” We can feel the pain in those words.