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Luis Fernando Muñoz of Banda Los Recoditos Dead in Car Crash

Very sad news to share. Luis Fernando Muñoz, clarinet player of Banda Los Recoditos, has died in a car crash. The group has released the following statement:

Alex Angulo Dies in Car Crash

Actor Alex Angulo died on Sunday in a car accident, in the northern part of Spain. At around 5:30 PM, the vehicle he was driving was seen on the side of road completely crashed. Paramedics and firefighters were called but unfortunately they were not able to do anything to save the actor’s life – he […]

Angelique Boyer Talks to Press After Mother’s Death

So sad to see her so sad. Angelique Boyer spoke with the press about the passing of her mother. She bravely faced the reporters and could hardly get the words out. She said: “There’s not much to say. I would have liked for my mom’s health to not have been published. Today I lost the […]

Angelique Boyer’s Mother Passed Away

So terribly sad. Angelique Boyer‘s mother has passed away – reportedly at the age of 49. According to news coming out of Mexico, her mom was very ill in the hospital with a heart condition. Our condolences to Angelique during this difficult time.

Tito Torbellino Fans Invited to Say Goodbye

Fans will get a chance to say goodbye to Tito Torbellino. reports that his remains will be at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix today. Fans and the public in general were invited to attend and everyone is encouraged to wear a white shirt. In a weird twist of fate, Tito had just celebrated his […]