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Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Nicky Jam, Luis Fonsi All Helping

Some of Puerto Rico’s biggest celebs hopped on a plane to the island to lend a hand. Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Nicky Jam, and Luis Fonsi all got together in Fort Lauderdale to head to PR for hurricane disaster relief. The four have worked for days to raise money and supplies for the people most affected. […]

Ricky Martin Cancels Mexico City Show After Earthquake

Ricky Martin has canceled his concert in Mexico City due to the earthquake. The Puerto Rican superstar was supposed to perform in the city’s historic Zocalo – but the tragic quake, which has left over 100 dead, had forced him to put off the show for now. He said “Debido a los lamentables hechos ocurridos […]

Ricky Martin Fans Recommend He Sleeps and Eats Better

Ricky Martin‘s fans are a little worried for him. The singer posted this pic and fans responded with messages of care for him. Most recommended getting more rest while others suggested that he work on his nutrition. Ricky is back in Las Vegas with his show, prepping for his wedding, and raising twins! No wonder […]

Celebs Share Worries and Well Wishes For Those in Hurricane Path

Several celebs are worried for those in the path of Hurricane Irma – as the category 5 storm approaches the Caribbean. Ricky Martin put up a video expressing words for Puerto Rico, saying “Espero que ya estén listos y preparados, espero que todos estén escuchando a las autoridades y a los telediarios. Espero que solamente […]

Anahi Hand Brace Alarms Fans

Anahi alarmed her fans with a simple picture on social media. Ricky Martin performed in Chiapas and she went backstage to talk to Ricky and get her photo taken with him. She posted it on Instagram but her fans didn’t focus on Ricky…they focused on her hand. They noticed she was wearing a brace and […]