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Maribel Guardia Turns Away Bottle of Wine Sent by Ricardo Arjona

Denied!! Ricardo Arjona apparently sent Maribel Guardia a bottle of wine at a restaurant and she said NO to it. OK, Maribel says that she didn’t know it was Ricardo that sent the alcoholic gesture and that she declined because she had an early flight the next day. She hopes he isn’t hurt by the […]

Ricardo Arjona Opens School in Guatemala

Ricardo Arjona is a hero! He has opened a school in a rural town of Guatemala that will serve to educate 200 children! Ricardo named it

Ricardo Arjona Writes Letter to Mom Who Passed Away

We let you know that Ricardo Arjona‘s mom passed away – well, now he has written a letter to her and he published it on his website. It’s a long read but worth it. Enjoy the read.

Ricardo Arjona’s Mom Passed Away

These stories make us sad. Ricardo Arjona‘s mother has passed away. She died on Wednesday at a Guatemalan hospital after falling ill a few days ago. Our condolences to Ricardo and his family.

Ricardo Arjona in Theaters

Ricardo Arjona in the theaters! He has decided to take his tour to the big screen with film of his concerts titled “Arjona Metamorfosis En Vivo”. The movie will first premiere in Latin America and they’re looking into bringing it to the US. Would you like that??