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Ricardo Arjona Bungee Jumps Before London Show

Ricardo Arjona went for it!! He bungee jumped in London before one of his shows from one of the tallest structures in the city. That’s one way to warm up the voice for a performance. A post shared by Ricardo Arjona ® (@ricardoarjona) on May 1, 2018 at 6:03am PDT

Ricardo Arjona Wants to Turn Page From Disastrous CNN Interview

Ricardo Arjona is in the eye of the hurricane now that he’s back with a new album…but it’s not for his music. As you know, last week he stormed out of a CNN interview when he felt the host was only bringing up negative thing about him. At a press conference, he was asked about […]

Ricardo Arjona Gets Upset and Walks Out of CNN Live Interview

Ricardo Arjona walked out of a live CNN interview on Tuesday night. The Guatemalan artist felt the TV host was bringing up negative critics about him – and did not like it one bit. Journalist Camilo Egaña basically mentioned that Ricardo has a lot of haters and was asking why. Ricardo said: “Recopilaste más cosas […]

Ricardo Arjona Releases Music Video With Son Nico

Ricardo Arjona has a new song out titled “Nada Es Como Tu” and the video has just premiered. As usual, it’s a beautiful deep song with images to match…but our favorite part is when his son Nico makes a cameo. You GOTTA WATCH!

Ricardo Arjona Builds Second School For Kids

Ricardo Arjona has done good for his home country of Guatemala…again. He has opened a second school for children in the Central American country. Ricardo was present for the inauguration and talked to the kids – even joking around with them some. He understands the importance of education for all kids and he’s doing something […]