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Ana Barbara Reminds Us All of Weird Reyli Baby Daddy Situation

Ana Barbara normally shared plenty of pics of her kids, but not that many of her youngest – the son she had with singer Reyli. Well, she finally focused just on the little one and his dad, reminding us all of the weird scenario when everyone was guessing who here baby daddy was. So strange […]

Reyli Barba Arrested After Violent Alcohol and Cocaine Rage

Reily Barba was arrested in Mexicali! Authorities were called in after someone saw Reyli supposedly smoking marijuana in his car outside of an auto store. When the police arrived, Reyli apparently got aggressive and violent against the officers – some reports indicate that they were injured. Let us clarify something – Reyli is a BIG […]

Reyli Spends Time With Ex After Baby Reveal

As if it wasn’t strange enough already! OK, so Reyli and Ana Barbara revealed that he indeed is the father of baby Jeronimo. Many of us wondered what that meant about their relationship. Are they friends who had a baby or are they romantically linked now?? Well, to confuse everyone even more, Reyli has reunited […]

Ana Barbara & Reyli Reveal He is Jeronimo’s Father

Well, what a surprise…NOT! Ana Barbara and Reyli are on the cover of Hola magazine with their baby Jeronimo. Yes, THEIR baby! The two reveal that after being friends for 20 years they decided to have a kid together. Odd. There were major whispers that Reyli was the father, but they both kept it quiet. […]

Reily Messes up at Premios Oye

Really Reily? The singer performed at Premios Oye and forgot the lyrics to the song La Barca. The worst part was the the performance was part of an homage to Roberto Cantoral. After the embarrassing mistake, Reily said: “Sometimes the heart is good and the memory is bad.” Yeah, you have one job to do […]