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Rebecca De Alba Explains Why She’s Pissed at Ricky Martin

About a month ago, Rebecca De Alba took to Twitter to bash Ricky Martin and say that he is not a proper person or a gentleman! This left many shocked because they used to date and then were friends for years. Well, she gave some more insight to “Hoy” as to why she is no […]

Rebecca De Alba Bashes Ricky Martin

Rebecca De Alba shocked many on Twitter. She took to the social media site to diss Ricky Martin, saying:

Rebecca de Alba Holds Sale For Testicular Cancer

We have to hand it to Rebecca de Alba. The TV host held her annual sale of items for a good cause. All of the money went straight to testicular cancer patients. In fact, she mentions that she is working on a new campaign with her foundation called “Qué rollo con tus huevos?” to bring […]

Rebecca De Alba Opens up About Having Miscarriages

Rebecca De Alba has revealed something about her that nobody knew. She has had two miscarriages. The model and host said: “I was in a couple of situations just as millions of women have been that have lost a child.” Of course the media started wondering who the father was but she said not speculate. […]

Rebecca De Alba Saved By Seatbelt

This isn’t so much a chisme as it is a public awareness announcement. We care about you. Tear. After thoroughly investigating the mangled vehicle that Rebecca De Alba was traveling in, authorities concluded that if she had not been wearing her seatbelt, she would have more than likely died as a result of the crash. […]