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Rebecca De Alba Says La Voz Mexico is All About The Celebrity Coaches

Rebecca De Alba has some choice words when it comes to “La Voz Mexico”. Even though she admitted that she would have loved to be the host of the show, she brings up a solid point about the singing program. She said that the show is more so about the celebrity coaches and not really […]

Rebecca De Alba Continues Doing Her Part to Help Kids

Say what you want about Rebecca De Alba – but she is always there for the kids. The television host recently worked together with corporate sponsors and Mexico’s social circle to raise funds for children’s organizations. Well, the day of handing over the check arrive and the amount given to the charities La Casa de […]

Rebecca De Alba Assures Luis Miguel Did Send Planes to the Rescue

So did he or no? After the report came out that Luis Miguel sent two planes with supplies to the devastated area in Mexico hit by two back-to-back hurricanes, some were saying it wasn’t true. Rebecca De Alba, however, assures us he did! She is friends with Luismi and told the press:

Rebecca De Alba Explains Why She’s Pissed at Ricky Martin

About a month ago, Rebecca De Alba took to Twitter to bash Ricky Martin and say that he is not a proper person or a gentleman! This left many shocked because they used to date and then were friends for years. Well, she gave some more insight to “Hoy” as to why she is no […]

Rebecca De Alba Bashes Ricky Martin

Rebecca De Alba shocked many on Twitter. She took to the social media site to diss Ricky Martin, saying: