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Rebecca De Alba Falls on TV Show

Rebecca De Alba fell during a shooting of “Mexicana Universal”. The irony is that the host and judges had just talked about tripping on stage – so many are saying that this fall is fake. After going down, Rebecca got up and thanked the crowd and continued on with the show. Take a look at […]

Rebecca de Alba Joins Mexicana Universal

Rebecca de Alba has joined TV Azteca. She will be a part of the reality show “Mexicana Universal” – which is being touted as the best beauty queen pageant in Mexico. Apparently, Rebecca is forming part of the judging panel that will choose a winner to represent the country at Miss Universe. 32 women will […]

Rebecca de Alba Now Speaking Nicely About Ricky Martin

Rebecca de Alba has changed her tune on Ricky Martin. A few years ago she said that the singer didn’t behave like a gentleman with her – but now it seems she’s cool with him. With all this talk about his wedding, “Suelta La Sopa” asked Rebecca about her thoughts and she said “Es un […]

Rebecca de Alba Reveals She Miscarried Ricky Martin’s Baby

Rebecca de Alba revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while dating Ricky Martin. On TV Azteca’s “Historias Engarzadas”, she said “No sé si él, su gente, su manáger, vean este programa y es importante que quede claro que cuando yo hablo de Ricky, no es que quiera hablar de él para que tenga rating el […]

Rebecca De Alba Says La Voz Mexico is All About The Celebrity Coaches

Rebecca De Alba has some choice words when it comes to “La Voz Mexico”. Even though she admitted that she would have loved to be the host of the show, she brings up a solid point about the singing program. She said that the show is more so about the celebrity coaches and not really […]