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EME15 Wants to be the New RBD

Is EME15 the new RBD?? They hope so!! The new pop group is out to take over the tween music charts! CLICK HERE to read the story.

Alfonso Herrera Says RBD Reunion Not Happening

We’re not sure why…but fans are asking for an RBD reunion. Already. Alfonso Herrera was asked by the press if this is a possibility and he basically said no. His response: “We are all focused on different projects.” Poncho seems like he would be the least interested in getting back together with the group. So, […]

Christian Chavez & BJ Murphy Had No Prenup

Uh oh! We’re hearing that Christian Chavez is getting his legal team prepared for his official divorce from BJ Murphy. You see, the former RBD-er supposedly had no prenuptial agreement so BJ could potentially fight for money, properties, or other belongings that the couple shared. Since they got married in Canada, that means that this […]

Anahi and Boyfriend Break Up

After many many rumors that they were to be married, Quien reports that Anahi and her boyfriend Rodrigo have split up. No reasons have been given for the break-up…so, for fun, why do you think they finished?

Christian Chavez Not Staying With Maite Perroni

There was a rumor going around that Christian Chavez is staying at Maite Perroni‘s house after he separated from his husband…but Maite denies the chisme. She says it isn’t true and that even though they are friends she is far too busy to know the details of his personal life. That’s a sour answer! Honey, […]