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RBD Comeback With Old or New Members

RBD making a comeback?? It’s been rumored that producer Pedro Damian has been trying to get the member of the music group back together for a reunion of sorts – but don’t hold your breath. We hear Alfonso Herrera and Christopher Uckermann want NOTHING to do with revisiting their RBD days. They both agree that […]

RBD Documentary Pushed Back Two and a Half Months

Not so fast! RBD fans will have to wait a bit longer to get a flashback feeling than originally thought. A documentary on the Pop musical group was to be released in April but producer Pedro Damian revealed that it’s taking longer than what was planned. Everything is being pushed back about two and a […]

RBD Documentary Coming to Blim

Care to know more about RBD than ever before?? Blim, Televisa’s own version of Netflix, will be releasing a documentary on the Mexican Pop band. They say they’ll show never-before-seen footage and share details that nobody knows about the group and its members. For now, Anahi, Dulce Maria, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann, and […]

EME15 Wants to be the New RBD

Is EME15 the new RBD?? They hope so!! The new pop group is out to take over the tween music charts! CLICK HERE to read the story.

Alfonso Herrera Says RBD Reunion Not Happening

We’re not sure why…but fans are asking for an RBD reunion. Already. Alfonso Herrera was asked by the press if this is a possibility and he basically said no. His response: “We are all focused on different projects.” Poncho seems like he would be the least interested in getting back together with the group. So, […]