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Un Nuevo Dia Ladies Go Makeup Free Because of Kany Garcia

The ladies of “Un Nuevo Dia” went without makeup on Thursday’s show and it’s all thanks to Kany Garcia. The Puerto Rican singer has a new song called “Soy Yo” which is all about loving yourself regardless of filters or foundation. She has even gotten many Latin celebs to post pics makeup-free as part of […]

Rashel Diaz Sues Daniel Sarcos in Hysterical Caso Cerrado Skit

Ana Maria Polo, Rashel Diaz, Daniel Sarcos, and Christian Acosta have come together to create a hysterical case of “Caso Cerrado” and we are loving it! Rashel and Daniel are competing in the same category in Premios Tu Mundo so she sues him for some nonsense. La doctora plays the judge, of course, and Christian […]

Rashel Diaz Last Minute Wedding on Thanksgiving

Married!! Rashel Diaz married firefighter Carlos Garcia in a last minute wedding on Thanksgiving. The couple decided to suddenly pull the trigger to take advantage that their family would be together for the holiday. They scrambled to get everything…the dress, the decorations, their pastor. It all worked out. Say hello to the new Mr and […]

Rashel Diaz Halloween Costume is Kim Kardashian

Rashel Diaz showed up to work with a bodyguard…because she went dressed up as Kim Kardashian for Halloween. She’s got the whole look down…the dark hair, the contouring, the big glasses.

Rashel Diaz Right Amount of Sexiness at Latin AMAs

Rashel Diaz made us all go va-va-va-voom at the Latin AMAs. Sexpot without showing much.