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Rafael Nadal Helps Clean Up After Floods In Majorca

Rafael Nadal has shown he’s a champ on and off the courts. After the recent floods in Majorca, Spain, he expressed his condolences for the lives lost due to the horrible natural disaster. But, the tennis superstar didn’t just tweet about what was happening, he joined the community to clean up and clear the affected […]

Rafael Nadal Wins French Open

Rafael Nadal has won the French Open for the 11th time. The number-one-ranked went on to beat Austrian Dominic Thiem to take the title. This can’t possibly get old. Ever! Congrats, Rafa!

Rafael Nadal Stops Tennis Match to Find Missing Girl

Rafael Nadal is a class act. He stopped a tennis match when he noticed a mother yelling for her child in the crowd. Once Rafa paused, all attention was on the desperate mom. Moments later, her daughter was found and the reunion was all caught on camera. The mom waved to Rafael to thank him […]

Rafael Nadal Models in Boxer Briefs Again

Rafael Nadal has taken it off for Tommy Hilfiger again. The Spanish tennis star has stripped down to his boxer briefs for a third campaign with the American brand. As usual, it not only includes photos but also video that focuses on his junk, um, we mean underwear.

Rafael Nadal and King Juan Carlos Dine Out Together

A tennis superstar and a king go out to eat…sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s not. Rafael Nadal and King Juan Carlos of Spain dined together after the Rafa won in an important tennis match in Madrid. The two ate at Rafael’s restaurant – which he owns with Pau Gasol and Enrique […]