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Pope Francis Stops Popemobile to Comfort Police Officer Who Fell From Horse

Pope Francis stopped the popemobile to comfort a Chilean police officer who fell from horse. The Pope ordered his popemobile to stop after a mounted Chilean policewoman was thrown off her frightened horse, which had reared up as the pontiff passed by. Francis stepped from his vehicle and waited several minutes on the pavement, at […]

Maria Antonieta Collins Gifts Cantinflas Movies to Pope Francis

Pope Francis is used to receiving gifts from around the world, but the one he just got seemed to fill him with joy. Maria Antonieta Collins is covering his visit to Colombia and took the opportunity to give him a collection of Cantinflas movies. The Pope’s face said it all, he loved the gift. MAC […]

Pope Francis on Cover of Rolling Stone Italy

It’s one thing to come out on the cover of “Rolling Stone”…but it’s most definitely defining when you get a second cover! Pope Francis is front and center in the new issue of Italy’s “Rolling Stone” – being called Papa Pop for his mass appeal. Back in 2014, he was on the cover of RS […]

Pope Francis Admits to Meeting With Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

Pope Francis earned plenty of positive headlines during his visit to The United States…and now this. He is finally admitting to having a sit down with controversial Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis. She has been blabbing to the press about the honor it was and that HE reached out to meet with her. The Vatican […]

Pope Francis Family Members Die in Car Crash

Three relatives of Pope Francis were killed early Tuesday when a car driven by the pontiff’s nephew collided with a truck carrying corn near Cordoba, Argentina. The car driven by Horacio Bergoglio Emanuel rammed the back of the truck moving in the same direction on a mountain road near the town of James Craik shortly […]