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Poncho De Anda and Ingrid Coronado Talk About Hook Up Rumors

Poncho De Anda and Ingrid Coronado host the morning show “Venga la Alegria” together. Are they doing more than that together?? The rumor is that they two have been hooking up once the cameras turn off – scandalous since he is married. There is even talk about Poncho’s wife flying from Miami to Mexico to […]

Celebs Support unite4:good Movement in Miami

Several celebrities got together to support the unite4:good movement in Miami. Leslie Grace, Christian Acosta, Poncho De Anda, Santaye, and DA2 gathered to beautify a community with inspiring artwork and murals. Afterward, they were joined by other celebs like Flo Rida, Enrique Santos, Jason Canela, and Omar Germenos – at a concert celebrating the unite4:good’s […]

Halloween Celebrity Costumes

Halloween is over so it’s time to take a look at what the celebs dressed up as!! CLICK HERE to see!!

Poncho De Anda Hosting El Factor X

Told you!! MundoFox announced that the host of “El Factor X” will be…Poncho De Anda! We so called it! This will mark his return to TV since departing “Despierta America”. Thoughts on Poncho hosting this show???

El Factor X Host Predictions

We know the judges…what about the host?? Everyone is wondering who the host of “El Factor X” will be! Here is what we are hearing and our guesses with it all. Poncho De Anda has been away from TV and we know he’s been taking meetings lately, plus he said that good news is coming […]