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Pitbull Celebrates With The Penguins of Madagascar

Pitbull has a new song out and this one is the official song of the upcoming “Penguins of Madagascar” movie. It’s called “Celebrate” and it’s an upbeat song perfect for the film. The video is out which features Pit with the penguins and even a computer-animated Pitbull for a few seconds. CLICK HERE to watch.

Pitbull to Host American Music Awards Again

You know he did something right if they want him back! Pitbull will once again host the American Music Awards! The Cuban-American superstar is set to take the lead at this year’s award show to air live from Los Angeles on November 23. Nobody can get in his way!!

Pitbull Gets Real With Miami’s Ocean Drive Magazine

Pitbull is on the October cover of “Ocean Drive” magazine and he is looking like a total Miami stud with that suit! In his candid cover story, Pit provides a rare glimpse into his life as a father of six, growing up in some of the roughest neighborhoods of Miami, ‘beating the system’ by receiving […]

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Booty on Booty Single Cover Artwork

Bow down!! Here is the single cover of Jennifer Lopez‘s latest song “Booty” – in which she appropriately shows off her booty. The track features Pitbull AGAIN! They might as well be a duet at this point! We are loving this artwork! DIVINE!

Pitbull Will Have His Own SiriusXM Channel

SiriusXM has joined with Pitbull to create a channel featuring music by the international pop star as well as his personal musical selections. The channel will be curated and presented by the Cuban star and entrepreneur and will feature music from across multiple genres exclusively for SiriusXM listeners. The channel will be