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Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull Back It Up in Music Video

Three stars in one video! Prince Royce! Jennifer Lopez! Pitbull! The song is “Back It Up” and in the video we see the trip having a good time – but mostly it’s JLo getting her cougar flow on Royce. Boom boom mami mami… CLICK HERE to check it out!!

Pitbull Unveils Dream Wax Figure

Dale! Double dale!! Madame Tussauds unveiled a Pitbull wax figure with the Cuban artist on hand to present it to the public. Pitbull told “People” magazine that it has his Cuban booty – and that “It’s a dream come true.” They definitely got this one right…much much better than the Jennifer Lopez wax figure.

Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull Back It Up on American Idol

It was unofficially Latin night on “American Idol”! Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez, and Pitbull all performed…TOGETHER! They sang “Back It Up” – CLICK HERE to check it out!!

Pitbull on Cover of Nexos Magazine

Pitbull is on the cover of “Nexos” magazine. The mag is what passengers of American Airlines find in the backseat of the company’s flights – so now Mr. Worldwide is REALLY worldwide! He is literally everywhere!

Pitbull Takes Small Bite on New Years Eve

Pitbull‘s “New Year’s Revolution” special didn’t quite go as planned for the Cuban music mogul. While Ryan Seacrest‘s “Rockin’ New Years Eve” peaked at 12.8 million viewers – Pit only shot up to 2.3 million. A repeat episode of “Criminal Minds” got two times those ratings on NYE. Then again, it is the first year […]