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Pepe Aguilar Donating All Mexico City Concert Proceeds to Earthquake Relief

Pepe Aguilar‘s concert will benefit earthquake relief. At first, he was going to postpone his September 29th show in Arena Ciudad de Mexico – but then he figured he could help people with his performance. He is going to donate all proceeds to Fundacion Carlos Slim – and for each peso they donate the foundation […]

Pepe Aguilar Son Says He Didn’t Care About Anything

We’ve heard Pepe Aguilar talk about his son, Jose Emiliano, and the criminal case he was facing for trying to smuggle in four Chinese citizens – but what does HE have to say??? Jose Emiliano avoided jail time and instead will be put on probation for three years – and sat down to talk with […]

Pepe Aguilar Legal Team Prove Their Worth

Pepe Aguilar must have hired a top lawyer to represent his son in the case of human trafficking he was facing. As you know, he was arrested after being caught trying to sneak in four Chinese nationals to the US – they admitted to paying between $3,000 and $60,000 to be smuggled. Jose Emiliano Aguilar […]

Pepe Aguilar Son Gets 3 Year Probation in Human Trafficking Case

Pepe Aguilar‘s son, Jose Emiliano Aguilar, will not stay behind bars. He was sentenced to three years probation. You may remember, in March he was arrested for trying to smuggle in four Chinese citizens in the trunk of his car. He pled guilty as a legal strategy to avoid jail time. He will have to […]

Pepe Aguilar Celebrates Son’s Graduation

While one of Pepe Aguilar‘s is waiting for sentencing, the other is celebrating a big milestone. Leonardo graduated high school. Dad seemed proud and said that while all paths of life are difficult there is always a route that is well worth it. This must have been bittersweet for the Aguilar family, but big congrats […]