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Penelope Cruz Does Dubsmash With Jimmy Fallon

Penelope Cruz was on Jimmy Fallon‘s show and the two did something very millennial. They recorded a Dubsmash video of themselves mouthing the words to a song from the movie “Frozen” – just for the fun of it. So, just for the fun of it, WATCH IT HERE!

Penelope Cruz Asked About Her Ugly Feet on Today

Awkward! “Today” show cohost Savannah Guthrie asked Penelope Cruz about her “ugly feet” on live television and Penelope was like WTF. “I think you said it, despite what you look like, you have ugly feet,” Guthrie remarked to her guest. “No, no, no, no,” Cruz, suddenly taken aback, replied. “I haven’t said that. I’m OK. […]

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Pose Together at Goyas For First Time

The Goya Awards are basically the Oscars in Spain. However, when you’ve already won an Oscar, you can’t really compare. Regardless Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, both Academy Award winners, show up year after year…and, naturally, end up stealing the spotlight. This year was no exception. Actually, this year was the year they most stole […]

Penelope Cruz and Derek Zoolander on Cover of Vogue

Penelope Cruz is on the cover of “Vogue” with a top model and looking like a top model! She stars in “Zoolander 2″ so naturally she posed with Derek Zoolander – Ben Stiller in full character – on the cover of the prestigious magazine. Now the question is…is she giving Blue Steel, Le Tigre, or […]

Penelope Cruz Rocks Bare Head in New Movie

Penelope Cruz is rocking the bald head. She stars in a new movie titled “Ma ma” and in it she plays a woman who comes down with cancer. Penelope called it one of the most fulfilling roles of her life. She says that when the director sent her the script, she read it in its […]