Pee Wee Archives

Pee Wee Playing Around With Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and that means costumes! Pee Wee had some fun while trying on different costumes and had a hard time deciding. So he took photos of three different looks on. CLICK HERE to check them out!

Pee Wee Shows Off His Abs

Pee Wee is no longer peewee. The singer has been bulking up and working out and he flashed his abs in a new promo shot. Want to see?? CLICK HERE to take a look!

Pee Wee Checking Out The New McBites

Sometimes fast food just puts a smile on your face. That’s what Pee Wee experienced as he attended a McDonald’s event to taste their new Chicken McBites. He even posed with a giant Ranch sauce! CLICK HERE to see the pics!

Pee Wee Goofs Around in Window Display at Mall

Imagine going holiday shopping and seeing PW in the window display! The singer was buying some gifts and started goofing around in the store. Pee Wee is just having fun! CLICK HERE to see!

VIDEO: Pee Wee – Wanna Be Yours

PW has a new video out for his single Wanna Be Yours. It’s pop, choreography, and young kids having fun – bottom line, we like it! Plus, it features El Cata! CLICK HERE to see!