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Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee, Pedro Fernandez Hype Up La Voz Kids Premiere

The coaches of “La Voz Kids”, Daddy Yankee, Natalia Jiménez, and Pedro Fernández came together at a press conference in Miami. The deal is to get the public hyped up over the March 15th premiere of the show. Let’s face it – the competition really is all about the coaches!!! So, with these new ones […]

Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee, Pedro Fernandez First Look Together

Here they are together for the first time officially. Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee, and Pedro Fernandez in the new “La Voz Kids” poster for the third season of the show – which kicks off March 15th on Telemundo. Thoughts on these three as coaches of the show??

Pedro Fernandez a Coach on La Voz Kids

Telemundo announced that Pedro Fernandez has joined “La Voz Kids,” as Coach on the third season. Pedro will take the chair on the Sunday night reality show for the first time, alongside previously announced coaches Daddy Yankee and Natalia Jimenez. “I’m proud to bring my experience forward to the next generation of talent” said Pedro. […]

Pedro Fernandez is a Grandpa

Some good news for Pedro Fernandez. He is now a grandpa! His daughter Osmara apparently gave birth before expected so it’s a nice surprise. Baby’s name is Martin – just like Pedro’s real name! Welcome to this crazy world, Martin!

Pedro Fernandez Releases Album With Same Name as Novela He Quit

This is confusing. Pedro Fernandez is OUT of the novela “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo” – yet here he is promoting his latest album titled “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo”. Of course, this was most definitely recorded before he left the novela, but he says he quit the show because he wasn’t feeling well. OK, […]