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Pedro Fernandez is a Grandpa

Some good news for Pedro Fernandez. He is now a grandpa! His daughter Osmara apparently gave birth before expected so it’s a nice surprise. Baby’s name is Martin – just like Pedro’s real name! Welcome to this crazy world, Martin!

Pedro Fernandez Releases Album With Same Name as Novela He Quit

This is confusing. Pedro Fernandez is OUT of the novela “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo” – yet here he is promoting his latest album titled “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo”. Of course, this was most definitely recorded before he left the novela, but he says he quit the show because he wasn’t feeling well. OK, […]

Julion Alvarez Singing New Theme Song For Hasta El Fin Del Mundo

They are leaving NO traces of Pedro Fernandez!! We were just told that Julion Alvarez is going to record the theme song of “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo” – for the new chapter of the novela that stars David Zepeda. Pedro had not only acted in the novela, he also sang the official song for […]

Pedro Fernandez Says He Quit Novela Over Health Issues

As we told you, Pedro Fernandez is OUT of “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo” – and he has finally given his reason for quitting the novela. The actor says that he is “thinner than normal, and medically speaking not everything is right.” Pedro spoke at a press conference and was very serious the entire time. […]

Pedro Fernandez OUT of Novela…Because of Jealousy?

Pedro Fernandez is OUT! He is no longer in the novela “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo” – and even though the reason why hasn’t been confirmed there are strong rumors that it has to do with jealousy! By that we mean Pedro’s wife supposedly wasn’t cool with his romantic scenes with costar Marjorie de Sousa…so […]