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Pedro Fernandez is Going to be a Grandpa

Abuelo! Abuelo! Pedro Fernandez is going to be a grandfather!! His daughter Osmara is pregnant and Pedro says he is so excited about the news. He spoke to “Todo Para La Mujer” and shared that he is already wondering what the baby will be and look like. Awww! Congrats!!

Marjorie de Sousa and Pedro Fernandez Present Hasta El Fin Del Mundo

Televisa officially presented their new novela “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo”. It stars Marjorie de Sousa and Pedro Fernandez and the two actors dressed up as their parts for the media presentation. The novela apparently combines two worlds – the car-racing one and the chocolate-making one – hence the wardrobe here. The producers are hoping […]

Celebrity Real Names Versus Artistic Names

It’s no secret that many stars don’t use their real names – instead of using an artistic name. Take for instance…Juan Gabriel, Chayanne, Ricky Martin, and others were born with different names. So here we share with you some of the birth names of our favorite stars – in some cases nowhere near the names […]

Ninel Conde & Pedro Fernandez Hosting Premio Lo Nuestro

Premio Lo Nuestro 2013 is on its way! This is the 25th anniversary of the show so we are expecting big things. Of course, will be there – but that’s not the big news here. We’re here to tell you that Ninel Conde and Pedro Fernandez will be hosting the awards. Thoughts? Opinions?

Cachito De Cielo Purposely Plays With Age Difference

We questioned it and we were right! It was difficult to ignore the age difference when Maite Perroni and Pedro Fernandez were paired up in the new novela Cachito De Cielo. However it turns out that the ‘old guy-young girl’ situation is a critical piece to the storyline. You see, the young hunk (played by […]