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Paulina Rubio All About Hooking Up on Me Quema

Paulina Rubio has a new video out…the song is called “Me Quema” and it’s an interesting take on sexual promiscuity and settling down. In the vid, Pau is very much into hooking up with random guys in apartment 69. Sleeping around seems to be the norm for her, until she falls for a guy with […]

Paulina Rubio Said She’d Sell Her Miami Home if Trump Won

Paulina Rubio had said that if Donald Trump won she would sell her Miami home and move from the United States. On Tuesday night, Trump officially became the next president of the US. The question now is will she fulfill her end of the bargain?? In fact, it will be interesting to see how the […]

Paulina Rubio Urges Fans to Vote

Paulina Rubio has jumped onto the political bandwagon and is asking her fans to vote. She urges everyone to make their voices heard, especially Latinos. Oh, and she also makes mention that she’s with Hillary Clinton. Raise your hand if you can’t wait until Tuesday comes so this election can be over. A video posted […]

Susana Dosamantes Denies Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua Split

There are rumors that Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua have split…but her mom is saying it’s not true. Susana Dosamantes spoke on “Shanik en Formula” and made it clear that the couple is still together. She said: “No hubo rompimiento, son cosas que inventan.” If mom says so!

Paulina Rubio Performs at Demi Lovato Concert

Demi Lovato performed in Mexico City and had a special guest…Paulina Rubio. They sang “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” at Palacio de los Deportes to a roaring crowd of thousands that cheered them on. Pau and Demi have been friends ever since working on “X Factor” together as judges a few years ago – […]