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Colate Takes Paulina Rubio Back to Court

Paulina Rubio and Colate are going to battle it again in court! He is asking a judge to look at his case over the custody of their child. Apparently, Pau took their son on vacation for 19 days – and she is only allowed 12. Even worse, according to Colate, he was kept in the […]

Paulina Rubio New Single in Three Years Mi Nuevo Vicio

New Paulina Rubio! La Chica Dorada has released her first single in three years – this one called “Mi Nuevo Vicio”. She teamed up with new young Colombian band Morat for this single. CLICK HERE to check it it it out!

Paulina Rubio Guest Stars on Jane The Virgin

Gotta love it! Paulina Rubio made a special cameo on “Jane The Virgin” as she played herself throughout the episode. How great that she appears out of the poster to give fashion advice?! CLICK HERE to see our fave scene from Monday night’s episode.

Paulina Rubio and Colate Officially Divorced

Finally! After what seemed forever, Paulina Rubio and Colate are now officially divorced. The singer and her now ex first filed for divorce two years ago. When the judge asked Pau if she would like to get a divorce from Colate, she said she would be happy to.

Paulina Rubio Will Play Herself on Jane The Virgin

Paulina Rubio on “Jane The Virgin!” Pau-pau will appear as herself on the show. She’ll make her English-language series debut as one of the character’s favorite pop star. Show creator Jennie Snyder Urman tells “Entertainment Weekly”: “When I wrote the pilot, I had in the back of my mind, the hope that one day we’d […]