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Jerry Bazua Shows Off His and Paulina Rubio’s Baby in the Buff

Baby number one gets treated so different from baby number two! When Paulina Rubio had her first son a few years ago, she shielded him from the press and only posted pics of the back of his head or in any way to hide his face. Very different from her second son, as we can […]

Paulina Rubio Asks For Prayers For Her Mom

Paulina Rubio is asking for prayers for her mother, Susana Dosamantes. She wrote on Twitter “Hola! A todos necesito una oración para la salud de mi Madre! Me ayudan todos!” followed by seven emojis including a crying face. The fans, of course, responded and so did Susana. She also took to social media to update […]

Paulina Rubio Son Eros Shown Off Again This Time by Gerardo Bazua

Paulina Rubio hasn’t shared a pic of her son Eros since introducing him to the world on the cover of “Hola.” However, her baby daddy, Gerardo Bazua, changed all of that by posting this pic of his son. So freaking cute! We hope he got Pau’s permission…otherwise he is in for it!!

Paulina Rubio Takes Best Dressed at Premios Billboard

Best dressed of the night goes to…Paulina Rubio! Just the right amount of style, elegance, glam, and sexiness. On top of that, Pau gave birth just weeks ago and she’s looking fantastic!

Paulina Rubio Presents Baby Boy Eros on Cover of Hola

Here he is! Paulina Rubio‘s newborn son. Sooo cute. This is is her second child – but her first with boyfriend Gerardo Bazua. The singer is introducing her baby boy on the cover of “Hola” – his name is Eros. She told the mag why she chose the name: “Desde el principio nos gustó la […]