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Paulina Rubio Confuses Ariana Grande For Adriana Lima

Many stars have posted messages of solidarity after the Ariana Grande concert tragedy in Manchester. Paulina Rubio is one of them…but she made a few mistakes along the way. At first she posted a message about the “Adriana Lima concert” – but Adriana is a supermodel and most definitely does not put on concerts. After […]

Pepillo Origel Cool With Paulina Rubio Dissing Him During Show

Did Paulina Rubio insult Juan Jose Origel in the middle of a show?? People are saying she completely ignored him at one of her concerts. Pepillo, as he’s known, explains what happened. He says he went to dinner with some friends and they decided to go to a palenque that night to see a performance. […]

Paulina Rubio Falls From Stage at Concert

Paulina Rubio fell down hard at one of her concerts. She was performing in Campeche and mentioned that she wanted to get closer to the audience. As she walked toward the crowd, she misjudged the length of the stage and fell straight down. Pau wasn’t seriously hurt and eventually got up to continue with the […]

Paulina Rubio Makes Grammys Appearance

Paulina Rubio was at the Grammys to everyone’s surprise. She’s got a new album so pushing it out to the general market doesn’t hurt. For most of the American media, this was the first time seeing her since “X Factor” a few years ago. Pau showed up in a black sheer dress looking pretty great […]

Colate Upset With Paulina Rubio For Posing With Son on Magazine Cover

It’s being said that Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera, AKA Colate, is pissed at Paulina Rubio over a recent decision she made. La Chica Dorada is featured on the cover of “People En Español” with her two children…the oldest son, Nicolas, she had with Colate. Well, daddy is upset because she didn’t ask him for permission. Apparently, Colate […]