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Paulina Rubio Proudly Shows Off Natural Butt

Paulina Rubio showed off her behind…specifically. The singer posted a pic on Instagram and zoomed in on her butt pretty much. No explanations were given – just a shot of her in a bikini walking on a beach. Her followers are applauding her for not going the artificial route and getting injections or implants and […]

Paulina Rubio Tries to Lay Low at Brother’s Wedding

Paulina Rubio‘s brother got married over the weekend but all eyes were still on her. The singer showed up to see her bro, Enrique, tie the knot – with the whole family in tow. The nuptials took place in Madrid and Pau did her best to not take away all the attention. BUT, she is […]

Thalia and Paulina Rubio Text All the Time

Thalia says that there is no beef with Paulina Rubio. In a chat with “Suelta La Sopa”, she was asked if she and Pau are singing together in 2018 – and Thalia said she would talk to her and see what’s up. Then the reporter got on the topic of the rivalry between them and […]

Paulina Rubio Joins 90s Pop Tour

Paulina Rubio wants nothing to do with a Timbiriche reunion…but she IS into a reunion of sorts with other singers from the 90s. Pau has turned down getting together with her former musical group because she’s too busy – but Ari Borovoy has convinced her to join his 90s Pop Tour with other singers from […]

Paulina Rubio Hints Timbiriche Reunion

Timbiriche is celebrating its 35 year anniversary with a tour that has been very successful. Paulina Rubio is now hinting about the possibility of joining them on tour. In a photo she published she included the hashtags “Yo Soy Timbiriche”, “Si Me Invitan Voy y Si Me Gusta Me Quedo.” What does she have to […]