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Gerardo Bazua and Paulina Rubio Are On Good Terms

Gerardo Bazua had accused Paulina Rubio of not allowing him to see their son and made it seem like things weren’t cool between them. That has apparently changed. “No estamos tan estables, pero estamos bien. Estamos en paz. Lo más importante es estar en paz. Dejo el tiempo a tiempos de Dios y que pase […]

Gerardo Bazua Explains Instagram Post About Not Seeing Son

Gerardo Bazua explains why he posted his plea to see his son on social media. He said it was an act of desperation. “Lo hice social porque sé que a ella le pega más lo social. Alcé la voz a los cuatro vientos.” When asked about why she hadn’t allowed him to see his son, […]

Paulina Rubio Ex Accuses Her of Keeping Their Son Away From Him

Paulina Rubio‘s ex, Jerry Bazua, is not happy with her. He is accusing her keeping their child, Eros, away from him. He wrote an open letter to Pau on Instagram with a photo of their child. Jerry wrote “Llevo más de cuatro meses suave y sutil mente esperando saber de ti, pues tu mamá está […]

Paulina Rubio Acts Out Dog Death in Hot Car

Paulina Rubio ‘dies’ in a new video for PETA…to potentially save lives. The Mexican singer participated in a shoot with the animal protection organization to drive home the message about leaving dogs in a car, even for a few minutes. Paulina essentially plays the dog and gets left in the car – eventually dying from […]

Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua are Over

Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua have broken up. He confirmed the rumor on the show ‘Intrusos’ saying they have split but that “siempre habrá amor”. He added “Estamos guardando respeto a nuestra relación y a nuestros hijos.” Gerry added that right now he doesn’t see himself getting back with Pau ever. He then closed with […]