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Paulina Rubio Rumored to be Drunk During Spain TV Show Taping

Was Paulina Rubio drunk during the taping of “El Hormiguero” in Spain?? That’s what some people believe! The singer showed up with tons of energy and that’s why some say she had a little too much to drink. We don’t think so, but you judge for yourself! CLICK HERE to see!

Paulina Rubio and Juanes Hug It Out on Red Carpet

“Hola” sponsored a big musical event in Madrid and some of the biggest stars in Spanish-language music showed up. David Bisbal, Paulina Rubio, Amaia Montero, Juanes and many more showed up to perform. However it was one moment on the red carpet that caught our eye. The genuine hug between Juanes and Pau. We love […]

Paulina Rubio Preventing Colate From Taking Son to Mexico

Just when we thought the battle between Paulina Rubio and Colate had come to an end! The singer has put a motion on court to prevent her ex-husband from taking their son to Mexico with him. She believes that it can be a dangerous move and puts the little one’s life at risk! Pau also […]

Colate Takes Paulina Rubio Back to Court

Paulina Rubio and Colate are going to battle it again in court! He is asking a judge to look at his case over the custody of their child. Apparently, Pau took their son on vacation for 19 days – and she is only allowed 12. Even worse, according to Colate, he was kept in the […]

Paulina Rubio New Single in Three Years Mi Nuevo Vicio

New Paulina Rubio! La Chica Dorada has released her first single in three years – this one called “Mi Nuevo Vicio”. She teamed up with new young Colombian band Morat for this single. CLICK HERE to check it it it out!