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Paulina Rubio Joins 90s Pop Tour

Paulina Rubio wants nothing to do with a Timbiriche reunion…but she IS into a reunion of sorts with other singers from the 90s. Pau has turned down getting together with her former musical group because she’s too busy – but Ari Borovoy has convinced her to join his 90s Pop Tour with other singers from […]

Paulina Rubio Hints Timbiriche Reunion

Timbiriche is celebrating its 35 year anniversary with a tour that has been very successful. Paulina Rubio is now hinting about the possibility of joining them on tour. In a photo she published she included the hashtags “Yo Soy Timbiriche”, “Si Me Invitan Voy y Si Me Gusta Me Quedo.” What does she have to […]

Paulina Rubio Pregnant Rumors Are Back Thanks to Fernando Allende

The rumors about Paulina Rubio being pregnant are back!! Gossip tabloids have had her expecting a baby for over a year now, but this time the spark of the news came from a statement actor Fernando Allende told the press. He said “La vi muy hermosa, tu sabes que las damas cuando están embarazadas, hay […]

Paulina Rubio Celebrates Birthday With Shaila and Jacky

Paulina Rubio celebrated her birthday in Miami with friends and family…but we’re stuck on the friends that were there. Shaila Durcal and Jacqueline Bracamontes were there to celebrate La Chica Dorada like besties. We know that she’s a celeb so she has a ton of celeb friends – but these two specifically? Who knew?!

Paulina Rubio Squashes Rumors About Breakup

It’s been months since rumors started about Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua breaking up. Well, she just squashed all that. Pau posted a pic with Gerry in the ocean and the caption says “Love is in the air”. Clear enough.