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Paulina Rubio Acts Out Dog Death in Hot Car

Paulina Rubio ‘dies’ in a new video for PETA…to potentially save lives. The Mexican singer participated in a shoot with the animal protection organization to drive home the message about leaving dogs in a car, even for a few minutes. Paulina essentially plays the dog and gets left in the car – eventually dying from […]

Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua are Over

Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua have broken up. He confirmed the rumor on the show ‘Intrusos’ saying they have split but that “siempre habrá amor”. He added “Estamos guardando respeto a nuestra relación y a nuestros hijos.” Gerry added that right now he doesn’t see himself getting back with Pau ever. He then closed with […]

Paulina Rubio Messes Up After Not Rehearsing

Paulina Rubio learned her lesson about rehearsing…you gotta do it! She performed in concert with Belinda and Marta Sanchez – but when it was her turn to take the stage, she messed up big time. Pau wasn’t sure of when to come in and flubbed the lyrics. To make up for the embarrassing moment, she […]

Paulina Rubio Back With New Music…Just Like Thalia

Paulina Rubio is back on the music scene…so is Thalia. Talk about a flashback Friday! Pau revealed that she has a new song out called “Desire (Me Tienes Loquita)” with Nacho – and this is just days after Thalia announced her song with Natti Natasha. Now, the creation and release of music takes time – […]

Paulina Rubio Proudly Shows Off Natural Butt

Paulina Rubio showed off her behind…specifically. The singer posted a pic on Instagram and zoomed in on her butt pretty much. No explanations were given – just a shot of her in a bikini walking on a beach. Her followers are applauding her for not going the artificial route and getting injections or implants and […]