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Paul Stanley Girlfriend May Have Left Him Because he Cheated

Did Paul Stanley cheat on his girlfriend?? It’s being reported that Joely Bernat has packed up her things and left – this after Paul was allegedly unfaithful. The story goes that he and cohost Natalia Tellez had a secret fling that Joely found out about, so she’s out. The couple has been together for a […]

Paul Stanley Remembers Paco Stanley With Cute TBT

Paul Stanley is remembering his father Paco Stanley – years after he was killed. He honored him in a sentimental way…without making any mention of the gruesome crime. Paul posted a pic of Paco when he was a child, riding a horse and captioned it “Este pequeño vaquerito cúmple hoy 19 años que nunca se […]

Paul Stanley Attacks Adal Ramones Again For TV Azteca Move

Paul Stanley VS Adal Ramones continues! As you know, Paul made fun of Adal for leaving Televisa and joining TV Azteca…which Adal responded with a laugh and mentioned that Paul himself was trying to make the move to the TV network! Paul is now answering this by saying “¿TV Azteca? Pues que dónde me viste […]

Paul Stanley Remembers How He Learned About Dad’s Murder

It has been nearly 21 years since Paco Stanley was murderered. I’m a recent interview with Adela Micha, his son Paul Stanley shared how he learned his father had been killed. “Estaba en la primaria ya estábamos a final de curso y llega la madre por el maestro porque yo iba en una escuela de […]

Adal Ramones Says Paul Stanley Also Wants to be at TV Azteca

Adal Ramones has no problem that his former colleague made fun of him…but he’s not staying quiet either. As you know, the TV host is now at TV Azteca. That move made headlines because Adal had been at Televisa for what seemed forever. Well, Paul Stanley made fun of Adal’s decision to change companies…saying he […]