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Paty Navidad’s Sister Dies From Breast Cancer

Sad news to share. Paty Navidad is in mourning. Her sister has passed away. Itzel Navidad died after battling breast cancer. Paty wrote a message to her sister on Twitter with her pic. She wrote: “Que tengas un maravilloso viaje en los brazos de Dios, vivirás por siempre en nuestros corazones, TE AMO hermana.” May […]

Paty Navidad Pad or Tissue Malfunction on Live TV

So, did Paty Navidad‘s pad drop on national television?? She says no!! While it seems that her pad fell from between her legs, the singer and actress is telling another story. She says it was a tissue – one from her armpit presumably to keep from showing sweat. You be the judge. Pad or tissue??? […]

Paty Navidad Getting Breast Implants Removed

Paty Navidad is saying goodbye to her fake boobs! The actress has revealed that she is getting her implants removed. Almost 20 years ago, she got her girls done but they are soon to be gone. She says she made decision because of comfort and also because she wants to go back to being herself.

Premios TVyNovelas Red Carpet Pics

Premios TVyNovelas aired its awards on Sunday night and we’ve got the red carpet pics! The show was held in Acapulco so there is a mix between formal nightwear and beachy attire. CLICK HERE to see the pics!

Paty Navidad Says She Isn’t Pregnant

Some people get it real wrong, huh? There is a rumor going around that Paty Navidad is three months pregnant and the actress was finally asked about and she said NOPE. The exact response was ‘not at all!’ – and she followed that up by saying she is in the happiest moments in her life […]