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Adal Ramones Ventaneando Visit Turns to Atala Sarmiento Bashing

Adal Ramones was interviewed on “Ventaneando” – and the hosts took the opportunity to take shots at their former colleague Atala Sarmiento. He talked about his warm welcome at TV Azteca, which included mariachis. Pati Chapoy responded with “Televisa debería de aprender, los que se van para allá ni camerino les dan.” And Daniel Bisogno […]

Pati Chapoy Introduces Child Reporter on Ventaneando

“Ventaneando” has a new host on the show – a child. Serious. Pati Chapoy introduced Paula Cisneros as the newest member of the gossip show. Paula wore a flower dress and clutched a teddy bear the entire time. Pati says Paula’s participation will be important since part of their audience are kids, pre-teens, and adolescents. […]

Pati Chapoy Tells Daniel Bisogno to Keep Quiet

Is Pati Chapoy forcing Daniel Bisogno to keep quiet?? As we all know, Atala Sarmiento is no longer on “Ventaneando” after she and Pati couldn’t come to an agreement on her contract. Well, Daniel seemed to allude to spill the beans on the details of it all, tweeting ““¿Quieren saber la verdad de todo? Pues […]

Pati Chapoy Blocks Solo Para Mujeres From Her Show

Pati Chapoy is angry!! A female reporter for her show, “Ventaneando”, got into a small physical altercation with a promoter of the show “Solo Para Mujeres” and Pati did not like it one bit. Sergio Mayer Mori was at the all-male striptease show to support his dad who is a producer of the live male […]

Paty Chapoy Shocks Fans With Expensive Outfits

Paty Chapoy fans (and haters) are in shock after learning what she wears on her show “Ventaneando” – and it’s all because of the price. Someone noticed that she wore a Gucci outfit from the luxury brand’s 2017 Cruise collection. How much is her outfit here?? The top and pants total 3500 dollars! What has […]