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Paquita la Del Barrio Preps Movie About Her Life

Paquita La Del Barrio is looking to get a movie done. What is it about?? Her life! We guess she thinks she’s interesting enough to have a film made detailing her years on this planet, and maybe she is! Either way, has created a funny synopsis of what the movie will be like! CLICK […]

Paquita La Del Barrio Clears Up Blind Rumors

Is Paquita la Del Barrio going blind?? That is the rumor that is going around. The singer has spoken to clarify. CLICK HERE to read the story.

Paquita la del Barrio’s House Broken Into

Ugh, getting robbed sucks. Paquita la del Barrio revealed to the press in LA that her house in Mexico was recently broken into. Thieves went in while she wasn’t home and walked away with a safe of hers containing jewels. Her next door neighbor saw the bad guys and called the police…but they NEVER showed […]

2012 Grammy Nominees – Latin Categories

The 2012 Grammy nominees were announced!! Like always, we bring you the nominees in the Latin categories!! CLICK HERE to see!!

Paquita la del Barrio Won’t Get Wet on Song

Espinoza Paz, what were you thinking?? reports that Espi wrote a song for Paquita La Del Barrio and ‘racy’ doesn’t event begin to describe it! Paqui would be singing about how wet she gets in bed! We’re not kidding. Thankfully, she turned down the song. For real, who wants to hear Paquita sing about […]