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Pablo Montero and Wife Expecting Again

Pablo Montero and his wife Carolina Van Wielink are going to becomes parents again! She is expecting for the second time! Pablo shared that they were both wanting this with all of their hearts! Congratulations!

Pablo Montero Baptizes Daughter Without Causing a Scandal

Pablo Montero is usually in the news because of scandals, controversies, or tragedies. It’s nice to have something that isn’t related to any of that. He and his wife Carolina Van Wielink baptized their daughter Carolina in Mexico City. That’s it. No drugs, no fights, no drinking and driving with exposed underwear.

Pablo Montero Doesn’t Regret Losing Cool on Cameraman

A few days ago, Pablo Montero lost his cool when he saw a Univision cameraman recording him outside of his house. The singer asked him to erase the images and when he didn’t he got aggressive, grabbed the man, and took the camera. “Hoy” talked to Pablo about the incident and he flat out said […]

Top Celebrity Sex Tapes and Naughty Pics

With Noelia back in the headlines this week, we figured why not go over the top celebrity sex tapes and XXX pics! CLICK HERE to check ‘em out!

Pablo Montero Finds Happiness With Family After Brother’s Murder

After a few short weeks since his brother was murdered, Pablo Montero has found reason to smile. He decided to take his wife out to eat for her birthday – of course, their daughter could not miss the celebration. It’s nice to see him happy with his family though we’re sure he is still very […]