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Pablo Montero Is Divorced

Pablo Montero is divorced. Rumors about him and Carolina Van Wielink separating had gone around a while back, but this time it is true and it was definite. This was his announcement: “Querido público y Medios de Comunicación Debido al interés que surgió por entrevistarme, respecto a mi separación de Caro, queremos comentarles que hace […]

Pablo Montero and Jose Manuel Figueroa Shave Heads After Mexico World Cup Win

It’s bye-bye hair for Pablo Montero and Jose Manuel Figueroa. The two promised that they would shave their heads and mustaches if Mexico won in the World Cup game against Germany. Well, Mexico beat Germany 1-0 so that meant the razors had to be sharpened. Pablo and Jose Manuel both fulfilled their end of the […]

Pablo Montero Accused of Sexual Assault by La Academia Contestant

Pablo Montero is being accused of sexual assault but a former “la Academia” contestant. Rubi Mendivil says once she was eliminated from the singing reality show in 2012, Pablo invited her to dinner to ‘talk about work’. She says Pablo rubbed her leg several times and did not talk about anything work related. Once he […]

Pablo Montero Explains Why He Was Fired From Novela

Pablo Montero apologized to the cast and crew of “El Vuelo de la Victoria” – the novela he was fired from. Pablo held a press conference in which he said “quiero empezar esta rueda de prensa ofreciendo una sincera disculpa a la señora Nathalie Lartilleux y en general a toda la producción de ‘El vuelo […]

Pablo Montero Out of Novela Over Allegations of Drunkenness and No Shows

Pablo Montero is no longer in the novela “El Vuelo de la Victoria” – and the reasons why are giving plenty to talk about! It’s being said that he went to work drunk one day and he also missed several days of shoots because he simply didn’t show up. Pablo will be holding a press […]