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Pablo Lyle Could Face Manslaughter Charges

Pablo Lyle went in front of a Miami-Dade judge again after the man he hit died. He was ordered to post a $50,000 bond and will have to remain in Miami under house arrest and wear an electronic GPS ankle monitor possibly facing manslaughter or second-degree murder charges. The prosecutor requested a $1 million bond, […]

Pablo Lyle Man Hit in Road Rage Incident Dies in Hospital

Pablo Lyle could be in SERIOUS problems. The actor was in Miami and in a road rage incident, got off the car and hit a 63-year-old man leaving him unconscious. He then fled the scene, dropped off his family at the airport and surrendered to the authorities. He was charged with battery and after paying […]

Pablo Lyle Wants to Sing Banda

You never know who wants to sing Regional Mexican! There have been many actors who suddenly get an urge to incorporate into the music industry and more often than not, it is into this RM genre we just mentioned. RegionalMex reports that the most recent to express his desire to sing with banda is Pablo […]

Pablo Lyle Winner of Elige a Tu Bello

And the winner is…Pablo Lyle! Every year “People En Español” allows its readers to choose one of the 50 ‘más bellos’ and this year it’s Pablo! The Mexican actor had some fierce competition from other hot and beautiful celebs – but he came out on top!

Pablo Lyle Presents His Family in Pages of Hola

Pablo Lyle is a proud family man in the pages of “Hola”. He presents his baby boy Mauro and his stepdaughter Arantza. In the interview he says he fell in love again with the mother of his son after eight years of not seeing her. They originally started dating when she was fourteen and he […]