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Pablo Alboran Oozes Class at Latin AMAs

No matter what…you can’t beat a classic look. Pablo Alboran proved that once again at the Latin AMAs with a tux that just made him look so handsome.

Pablo Alboran Gets a Goya

Pablo Alboran gets his first Goya! The Spanish singer took home the award for Best Original Song for the tune used in the movie “Palmeras en la nieve” – which has the same name as the title of the film. This was Pablo’s first time nominated for a Goya and he won it with composer […]

Pablo Alboran Speaks Out Against Terrorism at Concert

We’re all feeling sadness, anger, and disbelief after the senseless attacks in Paris, France. Many of us have taken to social media to show our bit of support – using hashtags, changing our profile pics, and commenting on the tragedy. During his concert in Miami, Pablo Alboran took a quick moment to hold up a […]

Pablo Alboran Seduces on Para Todos Cover

Check him out! Most artists have pretty faces and its rare when that gets combined with actual musical talent. Pablo Alboran happens to have both. Here he is flashing his sultry mug on the cover of “Para Todos” magazine. Nice to look at AND listen to.

Pablo Alboran Wants to Act

Pablo Alboran is currently the biggest music star in Spain – but he may be interested in more than just singing. He revealed to Peru’s “La República” that he may get into acting. However, he said he would have to study because he respects actors and wants to be prepared for when the opportunity arises. […]