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Celebs Share Worries and Well Wishes For Those in Hurricane Path

Several celebs are worried for those in the path of Hurricane Irma – as the category 5 storm approaches the Caribbean. Ricky Martin put up a video expressing words for Puerto Rico, saying “Espero que ya estén listos y preparados, espero que todos estén escuchando a las autoridades y a los telediarios. Espero que solamente […]

Ozuna Not Scared of Death Threats

Ozuna ain’t scared! The Reggaeton artist has received death threats since hitting a man with a microphone during a concert and having his car linked to a murder in Puerto Rico – but he’s not worried. He spoke with “Primera Hora” and said the following… “Estoy tranquilo. El que va a hacer algo no lo […]

Ozuna Says He Won’t Work With Don Omar

Ozuna has gone after Don Omar. The Puerto Rican Urban music star was on radio show “El Jangueo” and openly talked about his feelings on Don. He acknowledges that D.O. is one of the most talented and brilliant artists in Reggaeton, but he takes issues with his lack of respect toward his colleagues. Ozuna said […]

Ozuna Wanted For Questioning in Puerto Rico Murder

Authorities in Puerto Rico are looking to question Ozuna about a murder that happened in Santurce. Carlos Jiovanni Baez Rosa, who allegedly has ties to both the drug and music worlds, was killed in a shootout in the Puerto Rico town…and Ozuna was there at the time of the incident. When the shooting happened, Ozuna […]

Ozuna Apologizes For Hitting Concertgoer With Microphone

Ozuna is apologizing for hitting a man at his concert with a microphone. The Urban music star has cooled down since the incident and is now realizing that it was a mistake. He sent out a statement saying: “He meditado y reflexionado mucho sobre el incidente que pasó la noche del sábado en mi segundo […]