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Oscar De La Hoya Considering Running For President

President Oscar De La Hoya?? The former boxer is considering running for President of The United States. He says if Kanye West can announce that he’s running for president, then why can’t he? No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nelssie Carrillo (@nelssie_carrillo) on Sep […]

Oscar De La Hoya Officially Charged With DUI

Oscar De La Hoya officially charged. The boxer has been hit with 2 misdemeanor DUI charges stemming from his January arrest in Pasadena, TMZ Sports reports. He was pulled over for speeding around 2 AM but during the stop, officers suspected Oscar was drunk. We’re told Oscar bombed a series of field sobriety tests and […]

Millie Corretjer Responds to Oscar De La Hoya Single Announcement

Millie Corretjer has made a comment that seems to be linked to Oscar De La Hoya‘s recent drunken reveal. The boxer was filmed, while presumably heavily under the influence of alcohol, announcing that he is currently single. This would mean that his marriage to Millie is over. She took to social media to post this […]

Oscar De La Hoya Drunkenly Announces That He is Single

A couple of videos have come out lately of Oscar De La Hoya that has his friends and family a little concerned. The boxer, who has had drug and alcohol problems in the past which caused him to enter rehab, appears to be drinking heavily lately. In the latest TMZ video the married De La […]

Oscar De la Hoya Rips Floyd Mayweather a New One in Playboy Open Letter

Oscar De La Hoya destroyed Floyd Mayweather in an open letter in the December edition of Playboy magazine. He questions the boxer’s decisions, insults his fights, and says boxing is better off without him It’s a MUST READ. CLICK HERE to check it out.