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Altair Jarabo Vacation in Greece After Getting the Boot

What to do when you get booted from a novela?? Go on vacay, of course!! As we told you, Altair Jarabo was booked as the lead actress in “La Bella y Las Bestias” – but was taken off the project and replaced with Esmeralda Pimentel. Televisa was worried Altair would not be able to bring […]

Altair Jarabo Was the Protagonist and Now She is Not

Altair Jarabo was in and now she’s out. Televisa had announced that she would be the lead in the novela “La Bella y Las Bestias” – but then they changed their mind. Word is the network got cold feet because they want a guaranteed ratings hit and feel like they won’t get it with Altair. […]

Gabriel Soto and Silvia Navarro to be Onscreen Couple

Silvia Navarro and Gabriel Soto will be an onscreen couple. They will be the leads in the novela “Nadie Mas En El Mundo” – which starts to shoot now. Apparently, it’s the Mexican version of the Argentine novela “Amar Después de Amar” The show will shoot in Mexico City and Acapulco. Gabriel beat out Julian […]

Mayrin Villanueva Speaks Out About Getting Yanked From Novela

What does Mayrin Villanueva have to say about her sudden and unexpected removal from the novela “En Tierras Salvajes?” She spoke on “Javier Poza en Formula” and said she was hurt but understood, commenting “claro que uno se ilusiona con los proyectos y te haces parte de un proyecto, y duele, pero tampoco pasa nada, […]

Claudia Alvarez Replacing Mayrin Villanueva in Novela

Out with Mayrin…in with Claudia! Mayrin Villanueva was the lead in the novela “En Tierras Salvajes” for just a few days…but quickly dropped from the project over fear of overexposure. Producers reacted quickly and now have a new protagonist. It has been confirmed that Claudia Alvarez will replace Mayrin. OK, Televisa and Univision, are you […]