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Noelia To Star in Porn Video

Noelia has confirmed she will be shooting, or maybe she already has, a porn video. This time it will be voluntarily and with a $10 million paycheck. Years ago, a XXX video of her and her boyfriend back then, surfaced and created a commotion, but it looks like she is now completely comfortable with people […]

Noelia Claims Puerto Ricans Insult Mexicans All the Time

Noelia claims that Puerto Ricans insult Mexicans all the time and nobody is doing anything about it. She received a message on social media from someone in PR who insulted her Mexican husband saying he doesn’t bathe. Noelia responded with a general claim that all of Puerto Rico bashes Mexico constantly. In fact, she said […]

Noelia Wants Nothing To Do With Her Family

Noelia has been very vocal about her relationship with her family, or lack thereof. Recently, a fan suggested she should makeup with them saying: “Noelia tu familia te espera, anda ve donde tú mamá que te dio la vida, ella te ama y yo sé que tú la amas a ella también, pídele perdón y […]

Maria Celeste Arraras Apologizes to Noelia Over Cochina Story

Maria Celeste Arraras is apologizing to Noelia. As LatinGossip reported, Noelia got angry when she saw that the “Al Rojo Vivo” website posted a story saying her followers called her ‘cochina’ for posting pics of her ass. Noelia went on a rant – insulting Maria Celeste BIG time. The TV host has responded on social […]

Noelia Seemingly Attacks Maria Celeste Arraras For Cochina Feature

Noelia went on attack mode on…Maria Celeste Arraras?? The “Al Rojo Vivo” website referenced a pic of Noelia, in which she showed off her ass, and mentioned that she was deemed ‘cochina’ as a result. Noelia did not like this one bit. She said, well…it’s better we just post exactly what she said… “Creo que […]