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Ninel Conde Made Fun Of For Reggaeton Dancing

Oh no! Ninel Conde​ is the target of laughs and ridicules online after posting a video dancing to Reggaeton. Some people are saying that she might have a hot body…but no hot moves. Check out the video and tell us what you think!

Niurka Marcos Bashes Ninel Conde

“Aventurera” is set to return to theaters and that has the media wondering who will be participating in the iconic role. Niurka Marcos had the media at her disposition to talk about the project and she took the opportunity to bash and insult Ninel Conde – saying she is fake, and swollen, can’t dance, and […]

Horacio Palencia Denies Hooking Up With Ninel Conde

Rumor has it Ninel Conde and Giovanni Medina have hit a rough patch and could soon be ending it all. It’s being said that there was most definitely infidelity in their relationship and it’s coming from Ninel’s side – and that she cheated with singer-songwriter Horacio Palencia. He denies this completely saying he has only […]

Horacio Palencia Producing Ninel Conde’s New Album

What are Horacio Palencia and Ninel Conde doing together?? Turns out he is the producer of her next album. The two have been working for several weeks on what is to be new music for Ninel. This makes us wonder if it’s going to be Regional Mexican since that is what Horacio usually works his […]

Ninel Conde’s Ex Swears She Was Unfaithful

Ninel Conde‘s ex just threw her under the bus big time! Juan Zepeda spoke for the first time since being released after seven months behind bars for allegedly stealing 300,000 dollars from the ‘bombon asesino’ via blank checks. He spoke to Univision and made it clear that they broke up because of her infidelities. Juan […]