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Nicky Jam May Have New Girlfriend

Nicky Jam was seen with a woman and it has people speculating on whether or not they are a couple. The not-so-mystery girl is Paulina Cruz. She is 21 and like his ex, also Colombian. He separated from his wife months ago so he is available and apparently ready to move on.

Nicky Jam Divorce Final After 18 Months of Marriage

Nicky Jam and Angelica Cruz are no more. The couple are officially divorced – this just about 18 months after getting married. Fans started to take notice that something was wrong months ago when he stopped posting pics of Angelica. Photos of the wifey changed to photos of his pals. ‘Suelta La Sopa’ got hold […]

Nicky Jam Buys 3.4 Million Dollar Home in Miami Beach

Nicky Jam bought a new house. He just scooped up a 3.4 million dollar home on an exclusive island in Miami Beach. It’s a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom modern home near the water. A few months ago, NJ sold his home in central Miami for 2 million dollars. Moving on up!!!

Nicky Jam Confuses His Own Pyrotechnics at Show For Gunshots

This is what it looks like to get scared of your own show. Nicky Jam thought he was getting shot at during his show…but it was just the pyrotechnics of his cancert. The Puerto Rican star was performing in Monterrey, Mexico when loud consecutive pops were heard. Nicky semi ducks and stops singing, quickly realizing […]

Nicky Jam and J Balvin Get Jimmy Fallon to do X Dance

Nicky Jam and J Balvin on Jimmy Fallon! This was a huge moment for the artists and for Latin music and culture in general. The artists performed “X” and even had Jimmy do the viral dance that goes along with it. Balvin was supposed to perform on the show last year, but it was canceled […]