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Ana Brenda’s Ex Marrying Montserrat Olivier’s Supposed Ex

It’s the wedding of the exes! OK, get this… Ana Brenda Contreras‘ ex Alejandro Hank Amaya is getting married to Barbara Coppel, who is supposedly the ex-girlfriend of Montserrat Olivier. “People En Español” reports that they are making it official in Los Cabos on February 6th with a huge wedding celebration that’ll last four days! […]

Televisa Stars Gather at End of Year Party

Talk about a celebrity gathering. Televisa held an end of year event for their peeps and it was a celebration that started early in the day. Music, softball, karaoke, and more! You know Televisa holds a roster of big talents so the pic you see here was a normal occurrence at this fiesta. Galilea Montijo, […]

Montserrat Oliver’s Mother Passed Away and Left a Beautiful Message

Montserrat Oliver is in mourning. The television host’s mom passed away on Monday. The last few days the family had all gathered to say goodbye and alas Montserrat shared the following message on social media: “Bravo Mami! 3:00pm you are with God and always with us! #iadoreyou #always”. Montserrat’s mother left a BEAUTIFUL message for […]

Montserrat Oliver Has Shoe Mishap on Catwalk

Oops! Montserrat Oliver was strutting her stuff down the catwalk and tripped her show right off! Embarrassing?? Sure, maybe a little…but she handled it like a pro. She laughed it off and then stopped to put the shoe back on! She’s wild and carefree and could probably care less.