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Montserrat Oliver Hospitalized With Arm Injury

Montserrat Oliver did not start the year off on the best foot. The actress had to be hospitalized in Mexico City for an injury she suffered in Slovakia. She apparently hurt her arm bad enough over the holiday that she had to be taken to get it checked out by a doctor. Montserrat did not […]

Montserrat Oliver Sad and Hurt Over Leaked Photos

Montserrat Oliver is more than upset over leaked private images of her and Yaya Kosikova. Leaked photos of the two, stolen via a hacking of Montse’s phone, are now going all over social media. The TV host took to the same medium to express what she’s feeling about the pics getting out there and being […]

Montserrat Oliver and Her Lady Hang With Ricky Martin and His Man

Look who hung out after the show. Ricky Martin performed in Mexico City and his future husband, Jwan Yosef, was right in the audience dancing and cheering on. Montserrat Oliver and her lady were also there and spent some time with the Puerto Rican superstar and his bf. The Mexican host posted a pic of […]

Montserrat Oliver Hospitalized With Salmonella

Montserrat Oliver had to be hospitalized. Turns out she got a bad case of salmonella and as a result her liver was damaged badly. In fact, the TV host revealed that she has hepatitis because of this but she is recovering nicely in the hospital. Her girlfriend, Yaya Kosikova, has been by her bedside the […]

Montserrat Oliver Poses With Girlfriend on Cover of Vanity Fair

Montserrat Oliver and her girlfriend, Yaya Kosikova, are on the cover of “Vanity Fair Mexico”. This is the first time that they have agreed to take pics together. Monserrat says that for a long time she has been told to come out of the closet, and her response has always been ‘why’. The TV host […]