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Mijares Records Album With Italian Touch

Mijares is getting ready to release a new album. This one however has a special touch to it. He actually recorded it over three weeks in Milan, Italy. All of the musicians and engineers of the album are Italian so it’s safe to say that this new production definitely has an Italian touch.

Emmanuel and Mijares Two Regular Tourists in Oaxaca

We always wonder if stars that tour together actually hang out together! In the case of Emmanuel and Mijares…YES! While in Oaxaca, the two walked around like regular tourists and took in the sights, culture, and food. They need their own online show, maybe titled “Emma and Mija”. That’s how cute they look together! CLICK […]

Emmanuel and Mijares Give Taste of Their Tour

You should know by now that Emmanuel and Mijares are going on a tour together. The two singers from the 80s and 90s took advantage of Premios Oye to give a taste of what’s to come. Does this tickle your fancy or will you be skipping this concert??

Emmanuel and Mijares Officially Present Tour

The hunks of yesteryear! Emmanuel and Mijares held a press conference to officially introduce the tour we told you about. Emma and Mija have known each other for a long time…since 1983! They shared that back then Emmanuel sang back-up for Mijares!! Now they are hitting the road together with the ‘TWO’R AMIGOS 2013′ tour.

Emmanuel and Mijares Touring Together

Two 80s pop icons are teaming up! Emmanuel and Mijares are hitting the road together! The are joining forces and going on a tour named ‘TWO’R AMIGOS’. They have both recently had success with their recent albums alone so together they should accomplish a lot!